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1583cc PV444 withthe later 85bhp B16B engineManufactured in 1957 and usedby the Swedish Forestry Commissionuntil 1985Imported into the UK by a Volvo Dealership and remained a showroom car for the next 14yearsIn 2001 upgraded to the American 08 standard (twin SUs,4-speed gearbox, unleaded head)Owned andrestored by a number of prominent Volvo enthusiasts, winning many showsFullydocumented 63,000 miles and history from new, many trophies and associated itemsIn September 1944, Volvo unveiled a car that was to be the key to its future. The model designation '444 denoted four-cylinders, four seats, and 40hp, and it was to become the mainstay of Volvos product line until production of the PV-series ended in 1965.At the time, the reveal of the PV444 was a sign that better days were indeed on the horizon. Featuring a unibody design to reduce weight and boost fuel economy, the first PV444 models were powered by a 1.4-litre overhead-valve four-cylinder engine, rated at the aforementioned 40hp. The PV444 helped to further Volvos reputation as a builder of safe cars, as the car came with a laminated safety glass windscreen, as well as a safety body that resisted crushing even in rollover accidents.The PV444 evolved incrementally over the years, with each new model gaining a letter suffix to denote its new and improved status and,by the end of the models run in 1957, the PV444L was producing 60hp from its 1.6-litre four-cylinder engine. Sport versions of the car which relied on the same 1.6-litre engine in a higher state of tune were producing 85hp, and the PV series was rapidly gaining a reputation as a capable car in motorsport.The car presented here is a 1957, split-screen PV444LS 08, benefiting from a 4-speed gearbox attached to a B16B engine with twin SU carburettors producing 85bhp (upgraded in 2001). This very special example is well-known to The Volvo Enthusiasts Club 2010 and is considered probably the only PV444 in Concours condition (officially) in the UK, having been shown regularly over the last 20 plusyears. Previously registered 349 BAF, our vendor improved on its already remarkable condition since acquiring it in 2015, winning the 2016/2017 VEC Best Car, Class Winner and Best Engine Bay. This venerableVolvo is undoubtedly a credit to its previous owners, however, achange in circumstances now mean thatthe car must be sold, andthe hope isthat this level of dutiful ownership will continue. A Concours quality car ready to be enjoyed!

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