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French registration papers

- A true sports GT
- Balanced handling
- Clear, well-documented history

Christened MVS (for Manufacture de Voitures de Sport) in 1985, the famous marque (later better known as Venturi) will always be remembered as the make which revived the production of French GT cars at the end of the 1980s. The first car built by the marque, the Venturi Coupé was produced in four different versions before undergoing its first significant evolution. In 1989, the 2.80 SPC (standing for Sans Pot Catalytique – without a catalytic converter) developing 260bhp was introduced; it was known internally as the ‘Cup 521’. It was a mid-engined V6, with the engine installed longitudinally and fitted with a Garrett T3 turbocharger; the engine was mated to a five-speed manual gearbox. Although MVS built the cars independently, many of the parts and switchgear came from mass-produced models, notably from Renault. But the car was of excellent quality overall, with the interior appearing particularly luxurious and well finished. Altogether, 60 Venturi 260bhp ‘Cup 521’ cars left the factory.

The model which we are offering for sale is chassis number 39, which was delivered new to its first owner on 28 March 1990 by the Venturi France dealership in the 16th arrondissement of Paris. Resplendent in its Passion Red paintwork with Ivory leather trim, our Venturi is in very well looked-after condition with just 34,900km (21,700 miles) recorded, which appear to be corroborated by the file of invoices accompanying the car. Its history is absolutely clear, as is evident from the original order form, purchase invoice, temporary registration certificate, original certificate of conformity with its traditional red diagonal line, and even the receipt for the first registration certificate, as well as the owner’s manual and service booklet. The Venturi remained with its first owner in the Eure ‘département’ for some 27 years. Always kept maintained, it was valued by the Lefrançois agency in November 2009, the expert describing the car as being “in excellent overall condition”. The last service bill dates from July 2018 and lists work including the removal of the fuel tank, draining of the cooling system, repairs to the cooling radiator and the replacement of the fuel and vent hoses, for a total of 1764€. The driving position behind the wheel is ideal and the car is easy to drive, its V6 proving flexible at low revs and the gearchange easy to use. But when you press down harder with your right foot, the Garrett turbo kicks in and the Venturi asserts itself as a true sports GT. Its general handling is very surefooted and never catches you out, even when you up the pace. Difficult to find in such fine condition and with such a low mileage, this MVS Venturi should be of interest to anyone looking to acquire an authentic French sports car for their collection.

164 bis, avenue Charles de Gaulle
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