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To be OFFERED AT AUCTION at Auctions America’s Fort Lauderdale event, April 1-3, 2016.

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$ 32,500 - $ 37,500 US

Since 1902, in a small boatyard in Ventnor, New Jersey, Ventnor Boat Works was founded by Mr. Adolph Apel and gained fame as builders of the world’s fastest custom speedboats.

Expert craftsmanship has always been a tradition and this is incorporated into each of their fine crafts. During the years prior to World War II, Ventnor had advanced designs, highly skilled employees and concentrated on producing custom-built racing hulls for many famous individuals interested in winning races and establishing new world records. Ventnor dominated boat racing and high speed boat designs, winning a whole host of domestic and international events, including the Gold Cup. To illustrate their design prowess of the 1930s, Ventnor designed and patented the “Three-Point Suspension” hull design and this concept is still raced today.

With the beginnings of World War II, Ventnor relocated and enlarged its facilities in Atlantic City, New Jersey and switched from building racing and pleasure craft to producing warships with many accolades. The war years taught Ventnor well about building techniques and time-saving construction methods. No matter the methods adopted along the way, they have always adopted to the times without sacrifice of engineering, styling and construction leadership.

Ventnor closed in 1968. That would have been the end of the Ventnor story had it not been for Dick Thede. A 50-year veteran of the marine industry, he revived the Ventnor name and recreated its signature 20-foot Runabout in both finned and finless versions. Since 1994, when ownership changed hands, it was decided to again build several of the most popular 1940s-era runabouts. While retaining and replicating this jaw-dropping style, they have advanced the use of materials and changed bottoms to provide a modern soft and dry ride while using the minimal maintenance provisions and mechanical components.

From the waterline up, today's Ventnor (now built in Harrison, Tennessee) looks like duplicate of the original, but with advanced materials. What was previously a painted plywood hull is now gel-coated fiberglass. What initially was mahogany (deck, dashboard, interior trim) remains so. Castings and patterns for all the hardware are made from the originals. The seats, gauges, steering wheel and more are also upgrades in quality, while being committed to the feel of the original masterpiece of design. This boat is sophisticated in all respects.

ZaZoom is a beautifully preserved one-owner boat that is documented with its order request and billing paperwork. It is striking in Laurel Green and Gold, along with the lovely wood elements that set it apart. With a normal build time of four to five months, this particular boat went out the door for nearly $92,000 with its many extras. Among this extensive list are freshwater cooling, remote control searchlight, custom and hidden CD system, custom mahogany cockpit soles, engine room hour meter, digital depth sounder, color selection, Bimini top with stainless hardware, custom “beaver tail” mahogany aft decks with sun covers, custom built aluminum trailer, on board convenience package, dorsal fin, 6.0-liter PCM, 370-hp ZR-6 engine and green carpets. Nearly $20,000 of accessory equipment elevates this Ventnor to even greater heights in terms of value and in its statement of enjoyment, elegance and luxury.
2004 Ventnor Boat Works 20-Foot Finned Runabout - "ZaZoom"

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