1949 Vauxhall Velox



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Vauxhall, named after the London district where the first factory was started in 1857 as a manufacturer of pumps and marine engines. In 1903 the first car with a five horsepower single-cylinder engine that was fitted under the rear seat produced. Although the brand was successful, even in racing, management in 1925 decided to sell the company to the US General Motors (GM). Bedford truck manufacturer was founded in 1930 as a subsidiary of Vauxhall.

During World War II, the 12,000 employees of the Vauxhall factories in Luton were used in the production of the so-called. Churchill tanks. At the end of the war, the company had 6,000 tanks produced for the army and Bedford whopping 250,000 trucks.
Vauxhall Produced for the war luxury cars, then the company focused on a broader market with cheaper cars. These cars were largely identical to the Opel from Germany (including GM). Vauxhall Viva introduced in 1963, for example, was substantially the same as the Opel Kadett. Since the 80 Vauxhall are only sold in the UK.

Vauxhall Velox, a classic rear-wheel drive sedan of the upper middle class, from 1948 to 1965 was built in several variants. The Opel equivalent of the Velox was the Captain.

The Velox LIP (1948-1951) was equipped with a six-cylinder 2275 cc engine that produced 54 horsepower. The top speed was around 120 km / h. The Velox had three speeds with synchromesh on the top two. If luxury options were heating / cooling system and an AM radio available. When the LIP was succeeded in 1951 nearly 77,000 copies were sold by the EIP.