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    166 334 km / 103 356 mi
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The Triumph TR6 was one of the most successful models made by the British brand. Almost 92,000 of them were built between 1969 and 1976, which is obviously a lot for a sports car. A very large part of these (over 83,000 units) were for export. A lot went to the US, where this model was very popular. This Triumph was built in July 1974 and delivered in Belgium in early March 1975. So this is an original European example which, unlike the American versions, features the Lucas injection system and six individual throttle valves. This makes the car much rarer and also much faster, with a 150 hp 6-in-line and overdrive.

Virtually all documentation is present with this TR6, including the 1975 proof of purchase, the original service booklet, numerous invoices and photos of the complete 1985 restoration. These are all kept in a large folder. Mileage receipts are also included, such as the Car Pass.

The Triumph TR6 was available in many cheerful and striking colours, such as this timeless New White. The TR6 expanded on the design of the TR5 drawn by Michelotti. A redesigned front and rear once again made the car look up to date. This was successful, as the TR6 remains a beautiful classic, even today. This TR6 is fitted with a factory hard-top roof, which also makes it practical for use in the fickle spring and autumn.

The interior is as you would expect from an English vintage car. A classic black leather interior with a chic walnut veneer dashboard. Totally British and exactly as it should be. With regard to options, this TR6 is fitted with headrests and an overdrive. The Triumph offers a comfortable seat and the seating position is fine, especially for a car of its time.
This makes a TR6 a very suitable car for driving classic rallies.Totally British and exactly as it should be.

Whereas the American versions had to make do with a carburettor on the six-cylinder, the European versions were fitted with fuel injection and six individual throttle valves, the TR6 PI (petrol injection), resulting in 150 hp. So the injected versions are just a little spicier and actually drive the nicest too. The TR6 offers old-fashioned driving pleasure thanks to its eager engine, low weight, open roof and independent rear suspension.
A stylish British classic to enjoy, ready for spring.

Overall condition is good. It is in neat condition, it is slightly visible that it has been some time since it was restored (small signs of use on the paintwork for example) It drives superbly!


Good condition: visible signs of wear and general ageing