1965 Triumph TR4


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    Convertible / Roadster
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TRIUMPH TR4A IRS (1965), CHASSIS N. CTC/51546-LO, ENGINE: 4 CYLINDER DISPLACEMENT: 2138 CM3, POWER: 100 BHP, BODY STYLE: ROADSTER, A RARE EXAMPLE OF A DUCATI BRANDED BRITISH ROADSTER; From 1952 onwards, Triumph launched a series of sports models: from the TR1 to the TR3. They were followed by the TR4, a completely new project, produced from 1961; this was then followed by the TR5 and the TR6. The TR4’s body was designed by Giovanni Michelotti who had a fruitful collaboration with Triumph, and it was much more spacious and comfortable than the previous series. Fitted with windows and a real hood, it could be used in all weather conditions. The mechanics involved a traditional yet generous four cylinder 2100 cm3 engine – which limited its diffusion in Italy. The car still had the obsolete separate chassis. In 1965 the TR4A IRS was introduced which a modernized independent rear suspension: its price at the time in Italy was 2,250,000 Lire. At the time, the management of Ducati had made an agreement with Triumph in order to distribute their cars. This project fell through almost immediately and, for this reason, only a very few 2000 saloons, TR4s and Heralds were imported by Ducati. This TR4, gleaming in its original “Signal Red” livery, still proudly bears the Ducati Meccanica logo and is, therefore, an unmissable piece for a Ducati collector! Moreover, in addition to the ASI [Italian Historic Automotoclub] Approval dated 1989, it also possesses the Certificate of Origin of the British Motor Industry Heritage Trust which certifies the numbers and Ducati importation. This is an extremely original vehicle (it has a Milan number plate from 1972) and has been restored in order to bring it back to its original condition; it also has a file of documents proving its authenticity. The vehicle is in excellent mechanical condition but for safety reasons, we advise the purchaser to have it checked over and to replace the fluids, filters and perishable elements.