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Triumph TRs have always epitomised the essence of true British sports cars of the post-war years, but by the end of the fifties, the TR3 was beginning to look and feel a little 'rustic'. However in 1960, the TR4, initially codenamed "Zest", was on the drawing boards of the Triumph Motor Company. Although utilising the chassis and drivetrain from earlier models the final shape of the new car was to emerge from the flowing pen of Giovanni Michelotti. The result was a really good-looking design that has stood the test of time. The 4(and subsequent 4A), proved very successful and over 40,000 were produced from 1961 to 1965, filling a 'swinging sixties' demand for a British sports car that was "hairy-chested in an Italian suit".

This particular car has been the subject of a recent complete rebuild with sprint/hill climb events in mind. Listed as an insurance Cat D in 1991, the TR was rejigged, repaired and returned to the road. At the start of our vendor's rebuild, the car was stripped to the bare shell, measured, reinforced and re-welded where necessary, fitted with a rear hoop/cage in T45 tubing, powder coated and Waxoyled. There is a photographic record of all this work in the car's history file. Lightweight aluminium front and rear wings, bonnet and boot outer skins were fitted to the shiny shell and the car benefits from a two-section Surrey hard top.

The engine was rebuilt by the vendor to a spec provided by Barry Hodson Racing and TR Enterprises and breathes through twin 45 DCOEs with the sparks provided by a Lucas Sports Coil, a 123 Programmable Distributor and Magnecor Leads. The engine was popped on a dyno before being returned to the car and the print-outs indicate about 170bhp at the flywheel. This output is channeled through a rebuilt Stag gearbox with overdrive on 3rd and 4th, and finally through a limited-slip differential. The car has been superbly finished in BRG with a black interior and the attention to detail is exceptional. It has been prepared for occasional motor sport and has competition seats and all the relevant internal and external cut-outs, fire extinguisher etc. There is a huge amount of detail in the car's history/rebuild file. 

The rebuild has only recently been completed, the car is MoT'd until December, has only covered 10 miles since and appears to be 'on the button'.

In the eyes of many, 770 DBO sitting on its silver Minilites, de-bumpered and in that lovely shade of British Racing Green, may well be the ultimate TR4.



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