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Legendary FJ Toyota Land Cruiser "Reimagined"

Complete frame-off restoration with modern upgrades throughout by The FJ Company

Stunning Heath Gray paint color

Contemporary Toyota 1GR-FE, 4.0 Liter V6 engine

Contemporary Toyota H150F 5 Speed transmission

Part time 4x4 with automatic locking hubs

Vintage Air A/C

Heritage digital instrumentation

Completely upgraded and restored for an unparalleled driving experience

Experiencing The FJ Company's celebration of the Toyota FJ Land Cruiser is a rewarding whirlwind of emotions. Car and Driver magazine says "The FJ Company build quality, and details, are meticulously rendered and restored-such as the super-cool vintage Toyota badges that wrap around one of the rear corners-and its boxy, old-school charm is off the charts."

From the outside, to the untrained eye, this looks like a new classic Land Cruiser, with its big wheel arches, iconic front grille, and peering through the windows you'll see a pair of jump seats ready to accommodate some extra passengers. The FJ's appearance would make you believe that it was stock, that everything was as originally designed by the factory, and that this is very well how it would have been delivered if Toyota still made these iconic Land Cruisers today. This is due entirely to the passionate and clever minds at The FJ Company, incorporating and designing upgrades, and tasteful modifications that stay true to the original spirit of the Land Cruiser. Every new build from The FJ Company comes with upgraded performance, via modern Toyota mechanicals, all complimenting the charm and reliability of a factory original Toyota Land Cruiser.

A custom Land Cruiser from The FJ Company benefits from modern-era technology that delivers an exceptional driving experience, while retaining a vintage-era look and feel, providing a perfect combination of performance, style, and handling. Years of research and testing, and countless hours developing an industry-leading laundry list of upgrades that work seamlessly with one another, has resulted in a vintage Land Cruiser that feels undeniably factory-like, but with the added benefit of modern conveniences, performance, and reliability.

The entire body and chassis of an original, unmolested FJ43 is sourced and completely disassembled down to its last nut and bolt. A proprietary blend of engineering and craftsmanship is called upon to modify the chassis to accept a new and upgraded drivetrain. This Heath Gray Heritage G43 comes equipped with a new Toyota 1GR-FE, 4.0 Liter V6 engine, paired with Toyota's H150F 5-Speed manual transmission ensuring an effortless driving experience. This custom Land Cruiser uses The FJ Company's upgraded advanced power steering rack, vehicle stability control, traction control, and an anti-lock braking system, among other updates that make driving it an absolute pleasure.

Experienced metal craftsmen restore the original body utilizing new sheet metal where needed, while other original parts are thoroughly re-worked to present an incredible level of refinement throughout. The FJ Company even goes as far as having created new metal die presses in order to reproduce accurate high-quality panels. Each vehicle is constructed in house, painted and assembled under one roof, and fully documented from beginning to end, providing each vehicle with its own build portfolio.

The interior is modern retro, and long gone is the notion that when driving a classic you have to sacrifice comfort. Modern amenities such as air-conditioning and effective heating systems are added, along with a custom sound system, digital instrument cluster, and other items that allow drivers and passengers to relax and feel like they are driving a unique and capable piece of machinery that can take them anywhere in comfort and style. Lead times for a new build is a minimum of 12 months, making this no-wait opportunity a rare chance to enjoy an FJ Company Land Cruiser before everyone else.

A custom Land Cruiser from The FJ Company redefines what it means to be a classic with modern underpinnings. This Heath Gray Heritage G43 has been restored and upgraded throughout. Modern drivetrains, modern amenities and best of all, a driving experience that is enjoyable, comfortable, and infinitely cool. Drive it anytime, or all the time. As the exclusive California dealer for The FJ Company, Canepa is proud to offer this spectacular custom G43 Land Cruiser for sale. Available now in our Scotts Valley, Northern California showroom..