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    Convertible / Roadster
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    Aguttes - Autumn Sale 2020 - 67
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French registration papers

Chassis no. 55555

- Good-quality, older restoration
- Extensive history file
- Listed in the Talbot register

Although the origins of the make go back to 1903 with the Frenchman Adolphe Clément and the Englishman Charles Chetwynd-Talbot, it was only after several changes of name that the company adopted the Talbot marque for its cars. These mainly consisted of 15HP (4-cylinder) and 24HP (8-cylinder) models, although a more affordable 10HP model was also part of the range. Introduced at the Paris Motor Show in 1923, the Talbot Type DC was a replacement for the Type B, launched only two years before. Well designed, the Talbot DC had all the best technical features of its day and everything it needed to succeed against its competitors. In fact, with nearly 6800 cars produced, it became the best-selling model for the company from Suresnes.

The example presented here is a 10HP version fitted with the 1639cc pushrod in-line four-cylinder engine. According to the Talbot register and various documents we found in the car’s file, it was sold new to Monsieur Delmas and had three other owners before Monsieur B acquired it in 1979. To judge by the photographs, the Torpedo was then in its original condition. Monsieur B then undertook a complete restoration of the car, which lasted from 1982 to 1985. He meticulously listed each stage in the restoration, taking care to note the date and the time spent on each operation. Everything is documented in the history file for the car, which makes for fascinating reading. Once it was finished and ready to take to the road once more, its owners took part in a succession of rallies with their Talbot. Just like the restoration work and service jobs they carried out, every trip was logged, along with the distance they covered! A 2400-mile tour of France in 1986, the Rallye Laurent Perrier in 1993, covering more than 3100 miles, and so they went on for 25 years. This Talbot is the car which Monsieur and Madame B drove the most. It is, moreover, one of the cars with the most extensive documentation on the market and is well known to the Talbot club.

Aguttes – Auction House in Paris
The Autumn Sale 2020 / 13th of December

Public Viewing:
On appointment only

Contact: +33 1 47 45 93 01 / [email protected]

The Auction Sale:
Sunday 13 December: 15:00 PM

164 bis avenue Charles de Gaullle
92 200 Neuilly-sur-Seine

For more information:
Contact: +33 1 47 45 93 01 / +33 6 16 91 42 28 / [email protected]


164 bis, avenue Charles de Gaulle
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