1928 Talbot Cabrio

M67 "11 six" cabriolet


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- Elegant and rare coachwork
- OHV six-cylinder engine
- Luxury car
- No reserve

The coachwork of this Talbot M67 is particularly interesting as it is a rare cabriolet version. One special feature is that the rear window sections retract into the doors. The hood must not be completely watertight as a previous owner has fixed little gutters to it. Another interesting detail, a small search-light has been fitted directly onto the windscreen. Inside, the fabric upholstery of the front seats is dilapidated but the rear bench seat is in a better state of repair. The instruments on the dash appear to be complete and the car suggests a level of finish in keeping with the status of a luxury car. The bonnet conceals the six-cylinder overhead valve engine developed by the engineer Vincenzo Bertarione, which had been produced in different sizes. The 2-litre version in the M67 gave the car a top speed 100 km/h, setting it apart from the majority of touring cars at the end of the 1920s that were only capable of 80 km/h. An old registration number is visible : 770 AD 85. The car's imposing grille flanked by large fork-mounted headlamps, along with its elegant coachwork, can't fail to appeal to enthusiasts.