1938 Talbot Lago T23

Baby Coach Grand Luxe


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French title
Chassis no. 93056
Engine no. 23279

- Unusually well preserved
- Specification combining elegance and performance
- Exceptional styling
- No reserve

This example is one of the most sought-after postwar touring models from Talbot-Lago: as the T23 Lago Special, the Grand Luxe coach benefited from the same superb bodywork inspired by Figoni, with the very original semi-fast back shape, and had been built at only about 50 examples. An elegant two-door "coach" version built on the short-wheelbase chassis, also known as the "Lago Baby", it is fitted with the 115 bhp 4-litre Grand Sport engine, distinguished by its twin carburettors. It is therefore a resolutely sporting model, which its Wilson preselector gearbox makes all the more pleasant to drive. This example left the factory in 1938 and was then registered in the Manche in 1950, before moving to Calvados in 1969, at which point the car was repainted in its original colours. Its owner only sold the car in 2003, and that same year it joined an English collection. Then, in 2008, our collector acquired it. He had a mechanical and electrical overhaul carried out, while the wings were repainted at the same time. In addition to its intrinsic qualities, this car has the benefit of being superbly preserved. Its remarkable leather upholstery is original and very well conserved. To take your place behind its steering wheel with its flexible spokes is an invitation to go on a journey. Behind it, the handsome dashboard adeptly combines luxury and sportiness, with its array of instruments set on a metal wood-effect panel. Ignition, starter … the powerful engine roars into life at the first go, its rich, throaty sound filling the car's interior. The driver then needs only to engage first gear with the fingertips of his right hand, thanks to the preselector for the Wilson gearbox. Our road test confirmed that the gearbox functions very well. As this attractive model has been little used of late, a standard service should be carried out before undertaking a longer journey. This exceptional collector's car, one of less than ten thought to survive, symbolizes a magical, near-perfect blend of elegance and performance.

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