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1965 Sunbeam Tiger Mark IA Convertible

Designer: Carroll Shelby/Ken Miles

Estimate: $65,000 - $105,000 Without Reserve

Chassis Number: B382000187LRX

Decoded: B382=Tiger Mark 1A; 000187; 187th Mark 1A scheduled for production, L=LHD; RX=North American Export

Engine: 347 cid "Stroker" V8 by Ford

4-barrel Edelbrock Carburetor/500 bhp (est.)

5-Speed Manual Transmission

Four Wheel Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Radical Up-Grades in Drive-Train and Suspension

Over-the-top Detailing and Components

Detailing Inside and Out, Top to Bottom

The Model - What came first, the Cat or the Snake? In one of the biggest misconceptions of automotive history, Carroll Shelby's Cobra was produced before he was asked to help stuff a small-block Ford V8 under the hood of a Sunbeam Alpine. While Shelby was figuring out how to shoe-horn the 440 lbs engine into the space normally occupied by a small little four-banger, his close friend, Ken Miles was performing a similar job but on a much smaller budget than Shelby. Both racing icons working independently of each other came up with similar solutions to taking a peppy little Alpine and turning it into a fire-breathing sports-car that was well-deserving of the name, Tiger. While Shelby had been hoping to snag the contract to assemble these cars in the USA, the factory had made arrangements to utilize the Jensen brothers in England, for that task. Shelby would receive a royalty payment for each Tiger produced, while his friend Ken Miles was pretty much left with his prototype car as a consolation prize. Over the years owners have figured out ways to make their Tigers better. Larger displacement engines, tweaks to the suspension, better brakes, wheels and even occupant comfort have been added. In stock form, the Tiger can be lots of fun, but for enthusiasts with a real need for speed, modified Tigers fill the bill.

The Car - Finished in Competition Yellow, this Tiger has been treated to a tasteful build that has improved its performance and created quite an attractive car to be seen in. #187 is listed in the Sunbeam Tiger Registry and has been verified as a real-deal Tiger. Under the hood sits a 347 cubic inch V8 that shares its exterior dimensions with the original small-block this car was born with. Modifications had to be made to the hood installing a function air-scoop to help feed this hungry engine through its Edelbrock carburetor which is mounted atop an Edelbrock RPM alloy intake manifold. Custom alloy valve covers and air-cleaner top set off the beauty of the build, and when run on a Dynamometer it verifies a solid 476 HP are being delivered to the rear wheels. Wilwood disc brakes were installed on all four corners and the suspension has been tuned and balanced to ensure steady handling and responsive actions when needed. Completed four years ago, it has been driven less than 1,300 miles, shown at just a few exhibitions and never raced or abused. Take this car to several local events, win some trophies and then take it out and use it for what it was built for, enjoying the open road, but only at the maximum posted speed limits. Yeah, right.

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