1993 Subaru Impreza


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Chassis no. PRO STI 93 002
Original license plate M528UWL
Boxer 4 Cylinder engine, Turbo

The Subaru Impreza in 1993 was developed, produced and homologated in Gr. A by STI (Subaru Tecnica International) and Prodrive Ltd UK.
The main feature of the Subaru Impreza Group A was that a lot of the "base model", aesthetically and mechanically, was maintained from its debut in '93 until '96, when it was replaced by the new model.
Its debut happened during the 1993 "Rally dei 1000 Laghi", driven by Ari Vatenen, the same year in the Rally of Great Britain it was driven by Colin McRae.
The history of this car is full of successes, thanks to official and private teams.
Prodrive as the manufacturer of the official Impreza, used a progressive numbering system for the chassis with a prefix PRO, followed by STI and the progressive year of production.
Prodrive, as we know, used to sale those Subaru Impreza, re-registered with new plates, which makes today difficult, if not impossible, to know the history of chassis&engine combinations over the years.
The myth of the Impreza is mainly due to the extraordinary driver, Colin McRae, who drove the car in the World Rally Championship with only two wellkonwn plates, the L555BAT and the N1 WRC.
But, there is a third car, the only one that  has today the original license plate and chassis combination, that is the M528UWL with PROSTI93002 chassis: Prodrive itself officially confirms saying: "CAR N. CHASSIS BUILT EVENT TEST: 002 PRO / STI / 93.002 / JULY '93 / TEST CAR "

This car has been used to from '93 to '96 as a test and development vehicle for racing cars. It was sold in 1997.
Since that year the car raced in Belgium and France. In 2011 it was bought back in Italy by the collector Carlo Boroli who then restored it from scratch in 2018, (new engine etc...). Mr. Zivian bought this car from Boroli in March 2021.
During the test phase, this car was driven from Colin McRae only.

- Unique car, incredible historical value
- Used by Colin McRae himself during tests in the 1993 Swedish Rally
- Since 1993, this model has contributed to develop the Impreza that would later win in the World Rally Championship
- New "active" differentials of the hydraulically controlled gearbox, to modulate the locking
- Car completely restored by excellent specialists and restored to its original configuration
- UK Registration

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