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1967 Steyr-Daimler-Puch Halflinger 4x4
Chassis no. 5358499
Engine no. 5359631

Austrian arms manufacturer Steyr turned carmaker after WWI, merging in 1935 with Austro-Daimler to create the Steyr-Daimler-Puch combine. Steyr did not resume production of its own cars immediately after WW2, instead manufacturing FIATs under licence for the Austrian market. One of its first in-house designs was the Haflinger 4x4, which took its name from an Austrian breed of horse. Designed by Erich Ledwinka, son of the legendary Tatra designer, Hans Ledwinka, the Haflinger was intended to meet the Austrian Army's requirement for a lightweight all-terrain vehicle to replace its ageing WW2 jeeps. The Haflinger was powered by a 643cc horizontally opposed twin-cylinder engine - mounted at the rear - and four-speed four-wheel drive transmission with selectable high/low ratios. It weighed around 600kg, which meant that it could be picked up by four people of sufficient strength, and had a maximum payload of 500kg. Manufactured between 1959 and 1975, the tough and durable Haflinger found customers all over the world, and not just among the military. One American owner drove the second-hand Haflinger he had bought in Vermont back to his home in California, a journey of some 3,000 miles, while Austrian journalist Ernst Weise took his on a 10,000-mile marathon trek from Vienna to Arabia. Like the Land Rover, the Halfinger was adapted for a wide range of both military and civilian roles, and by the time production ceased well over 16,000 had been made. There are enthusiastic Haflinger owners' clubs the world over.

This Swiss-registered Haflinger has been restored and is believed to have seen military use. Seldom driven by the vendor while in his private collection, it has been serviced regularly and is described as in generally very good condition, running and driving without fault. Import duties will be paid by the vendor.

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