1947 Stanguellini 1100


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Swiss title
Chassis n° 508C209006

- Rich, well-documented history
- Mille Miglia Eligible
- Unique model
- Exceptional, restored original engine in crate
- One-off

Reputed to be a unique example, this car was built at the end of the 1940s using the base of a 1937 Fiat 508 chassis, by Stanguellini, and would have been exhibited at the Turin Motor Show in 1947. Its aluminium body was built in the workshops of CA-MO Torino, that became known as MOTTO in 1959.
The first owner was a Mr Lunati, who registered the car in Turin and took part in various sporting events in Italy. In 1950/1951 it was imported into Switzerland by Mr Cattaneo, an industrialist from the Zurich region. He presented the Stanguellini in the Lucerne Concours d'Élégance in 1951 where it won third prize. He used the car regularly with his brother-in-law, who owned a Cisitalia. During one trip, the front of the car was damaged and Mr Cattaneo, preferring the Cisitalia's grille, had it repaired in the style of his brother-in-law's car. After being sold to buy something else, this Stanguellini enjoyed various owners in Switzerland, almost all since discovered through patient research.
Damaged in 1969 by its fifth owner, it was saved from the scrap heap by Édouard Taveri, a garage owner in Horgen and nephew of Luigi Taveri, 125cc motorcycle multiple world champion. He restored the car, in green, and sold it in 1971 to Swiss driver Jo Kretschi, who never used the car competitively. One of the subsequent owners repainted it red before selling it to Hans-Jorg Wagner, who presented it at the Erlen Concours d'Élégance in 1991. When he retired, Wagner settled in Italy and took the Stanguellini with him. In 2000, he advertised the car in the magazine Motor Klassik. The current owner, the twelfth in the list, bought the car late 1999 - early 2000. This is Hubert Patthey, the former AC and Aston Martin importer for Switzerland, who drove the car back to Geneva.
During 2000 and 2001 the car took part in several Concours d'Elégance events: Bâle Passion (first prize overall) ; Chopard Élégance Genève Polo-Club (first prize in sports car category) ; Louis Vuitton Classic-Bagatelle (fourth in sport catagory).

In 2001, the owner entered the car for the Mille Miglia, but unfortunately on the return leg, an engine problem forced him to retire. The car was transported to the Stanguellini workshop and the original engine (n° 209 354) was completely overhauled. Producing nearly 80 bhp on the dyno, it was put away in a case to be preserved and will be delivered with the car. A similar engine n° 209 354 SR (Stanguellini Racing) was installed and at the request of the Stanguellini family, the car remained on show in their museum for some time. A photo of this car appears in the book on the marque. Still in 2001, the car participated in the Bern Grand Prix Retrospective in Switzerland. In 2003 it was invited to take part in the Villa d'Este Concours d'Élégance and was also greatly appreciated at Villa Erba. On this occasion, Paul Frère, a friend of the owner, drove the car briefly on the following day. Having to travel frequently, the owner has rarely had an opportunity to use the car and so has decided to part with it. Complete with two engines, the original one stored in a case, a 1/10 scale model, the Lucerne Concours prize, and a rich file of documents and photos detailing its interesting life come with the car. Here is a rare opportunity to acquire a really exclusive car that will be welcomed in the best historic events, and weighing just 650 kg, has a performance to enjoy.