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1999 Shelby Series 1 Convertible

Designer: Carroll Shelby

Estimate: $110,000 - $165,000 Without Reserve

Chassis Number: 5CXSA1817XL000008

Engine: 4.0L DOHC "Aurora" V8

Multiport Fuel Injection/320 bhp

6-Speed Manual Transmission

Four Wheel Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Odometer: 110 Miles

Very Early Production Model

Aurora Powered, IRL Proven Drive-train

Total Shelby Design from Group Up

The Model - One day while sitting in Shelby's Gardena office, I made the mistake of asking him what was his favorite of all the cars he had produced? The answer came quick, the and loud, "Damn it, you should know that already, it is always the next one!" At the time I asked this question he was putting the finishing touches on his next one, his very own design from top to bottom, the Shelby Series 1. Getting this car from the blueprints to the highway was not easy, even for Carroll Shelby, but he had a team of dedicated people on his side. Designers who could adapt parts and pieces as needed, engineers who knew how to put things together, and those who knew how to make government monitors happy. The finished project was a dream. Working with John Rock from Oldsmobile, a source for the proven Aurora 4.0L DOHC, which Shelby was able to boost about 70 more horses out of it than factory specs, and stay within acceptable emissions levels. Safety was proven with crash testing, a very expensive proposition in anyone's book. Then the critics who got to test the car and well, they really didn't have all that much to criticize.

The Car - Initially, production of the Series 1 was to be limited to 500 copies and when first announced the crowds lined up to buy one. However, with development and production delays, but the time the cars were coming off the assembly line the "pop" had cooled. To those who did receive a Series 1, it was an exhilarating experience. The beautiful Silver with Orange Stripe beauty we are proud to offer carries serial #8 and was one of the first produced. Still, in the pilot build stage, extra care was given to the carbon fiber panels in fit and finish when built at the Las Vegas factory. Soft trim, including the folding soft top, was perfected in every way. Showing just 110 miles, this Series 1 has been pampered since new in a climate controlled garage. Preserved in a like-new condition it has all the original amenities such as air-conditioning, Monsoon stereo, and the look, feel and performance of a supercar. For the collector of all things fast or all things Shelby the Series 1 is a "must-have", and the opportunity to buy such a low-miles, early production example may never be available again in our lifetime.

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