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Harold Edgecomb, Hayward, California (acquired new via Hayward Motors in 1966)
Rick Currington, Alamo, California (acquired from the above circa 1968)
Larry Cogan, Martinez, California (acquired from the above circa 1976)
Ken Mattice, Sebastopol, California (acquired from the above circa 1978)
Don Christian, West Covina, California (acquired from the above circa 1984)
Andy Walker, Yukon, Oklahoma (acquired from the above circa 1985)
James T. Keenan, Fayetteville, Arkansas (acquired from the above circa 1994)
Richard O’Mara Jr., Littleton, Colorado (acquired from the above circa 1996)
Current Owner (acquired circa 2013)

Shelby American Automobile Club Division 1 Concours, Tooele, Utah, 2007 (Premiere Award)

Of the nearly 560,000 Ford Mustangs built in 1965, fewer than 1% were transformed by Carroll Shelby into a GT350. The history of this GT350, chassis SFM5S421, can be traced to June 5, 1965. Completed by Shelby American over the next two months, this car was originally delivered to Hayward Motors of Hayward, California.

The following February, the GT350 was sold to Harold Edgecomb with the only options offered for the Shelby Mustang: LeMans-style Guardsman Blue stripes and a set of 15" Cragar wheels. Within the first three months, Mr. Edgecomb returned to the dealership six times for warranty work, which included service to the ignition system, replacing the front springs and oil-pan gaskets, and resecuring the dashboard cover.

Soon afterward, Mr. Edgecomb sold this Shelby to Rick Currington of Alamo, California. Mr. Currington, a Shelby Cobra enthusiast, used this GT350 to tow his race car, installing a Maier Racing front apron and a 34-gallon gas tank for long-distance hauls. In 1976, Mr. Currington sold SFM5S421 to Larry Cogan of Martinez, California. Mr. Cogan drove it fewer than 1,500 miles before selling it in 1978 to Ken Mattice of Sebastopol, California, who sold it in 1984 to Don Christian of West Covina, California. The Shelby left California in 1985, when it was purchased by Andy Walker of Yukon, Oklahoma. Mr. Walker removed the aftermarket bumper and enlarged gas tank, starting the Shelby on the road back to its original configuration.

After being traded in 1994 to James T. Keenan of Fayetteville, Arkansas, this car was purchased two years later by Rich O’Mara Jr. of Littleton, Colorado, who enlisted Shelby American Automobile Club judge John Brown to advise during a period-correct restoration, down to the chalk markings on the chassis and differential. Following the restoration, this Shelby received a Premiere Award in the 2007 Division 1 Concours at SAAC-32 at Miller Motorsports Park in Utah.

Restored to concours level under the supervision of a marque expert and offered from one of the world’s preeminent car collections, this GT350 offers a rare opportunity to experience Carroll Shelby’s original vision of an ultimate road-going Mustang.

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