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  • Powered by a 428 Cobra Jet V-8 engine; Toploader four-speed gearbox
  • Built to a high standard of quality and performance
  • Sports period-appropriate Halibrand-style wheels
  • Please note that this lot will need to be collected from Madera, CA

Contemporary Classic Cobras are considered among the most accurate reproductions produced, with the molds being made directly from an original 427 S/C Cobra, CSX 3045. Contemporary Cobras are made complete with correctly shaped and flared rear fenders, and provisions for a 3½-in. ‘Le Mans’ fuel filler cap. Inner panels included front fender wells, floorpan and foot box assembly, and trunk liner are double bonded to the body shell in a close tolerance assembly fixture which rendered proper alignment of all inner panels within the one-piece body shell.

The body, complete with inner panels, is in effect a robust monocoque unit, as opposed to a traditional “kit car” with its inner panels pop riveted to the body shell. An important Contemporary exclusive is that tubular steel substructure hoops with full tubular steel tube frames that have been bonded into the hood, door, and trunk openings, the rear lip of the driver/passenger compartment and leading edge of the cowl. The Contemporary 4-in. OD by 1/8-in. round tube chassis is based on the original, but increased wall thickness reduces the flex inherent in the original AC-built chassis. It combines rigidity superior to the “cut and weld” rectangular tubes frames commonly used by replica manufactures, while simultaneously providing lower mass and lighter weight, and of course is in keeping with the design and specifications of the original car. The round tube chassis is not only more authentic, but more rigid and stronger which results in better handling and driving performance.

This stunning 1966 427 Cobra by Contemporary Classic Motor Car Company of Mamaroneck, New York displays less than 1,000 miles. It is powered by a single four-barrel 428 Cobra Jet engine which delivers the power through a Ford Toploader four-speed transmission. It rides on period-appropriate Halibrand-style wheels.

For power and driving excitement, this Cobra is hard to beat.To view this car and others currently consigned to this auction, please visit the RM website at rmsothebys.com/en/auctions/0120.

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