1951 Salmson G 72


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French title
Chassis # 72437
Engine No. 22.17

- Saoutchik Body, a one-off
- Interior of great refinement
- Same owner for over 35 years
- Remarkably well preserved car

Salmson, known for its aircraft engines, had already mastered the technique of early DOHC and used it throughout its range in the 1920s in various models. After the Second World War, the manufacturer, looking to increase its business, and parallel to the S4-61, a proven model designed before the war, Salmson unveiled a new car in 1950, the G72. It was a sedan called "Randonnée" with a slim profile, powered by a four-cylinder 2.3-liter dual overhead camshaft engine of the marque, made entirely in aluminum. There were three series of the G72, the one on offer is a G 72 "ter", of which just 254 were produced. Amongst them, some were given to certain coachbuilders for more exclusive versions, which is the case with the car on offer.
The chassis of this car was delivered to coachbuilder Jacques Saoutchik, at his workshop in Neuilly-sur-Seine, near Paris, on 19 July 1951. It came out with a superb two-door body, mixing modernity with tradition. Sportiness was evident, as can be seen by the rear wings and by the design of the three teardrop shaped vents that adorn the front fenders. The book by Claude and Laurent Chevalier "Salmson, La Belle Mécanique Française", mentions the car and says that it was exhibited at the London Motor Show.
In 1976 the car was registered in the Nièvre (656 LJ 58), as can be seen by several photos taken at the fifth Rallye "Neige et Glace". It was in the late 1970s that Andre Trigano, its current owner, acquired the car, as part of a sale organized by Hervé Poulain. In a purple hue, the car has been repainted on a sound base at least 25 years ago, according to the owner. The well-preserved paint is only hardly marked by the passing of time, erasing the brilliance of a brightness that would be too pronounced. The luxurious interior with the abundant use of leather offers a welcome patina while generating the impression of a comfortable and inviting lounge. The door panels show a pattern worthy of the finest upholstery and the dashboard is also covered with leather, and is particularly comprehensive, even including a rare car radio which is fully integrated into the grid. To the left of the steering wheel, a small lever at the end of a sleeve is the control for the electromagnetic Cotal gearbox, and the quality of presentation of the entire dashboard is at the level of the best of French cars of the 1950s. The beige carpets have been refurbished and are in good condition, and the odometer shows 31,600 km. On the rear part of the body, a plaque mentions a Mr Nadaud in Paris.
In addition to original and refined mechanicals, this car has all the attributes of a high-class car: a quality interior, a very elegant line, a very famous French coachbuilder. This rare car is the only one in this beautiful body, and the older restoration condition, like a fine wine, got enhanced with age. This is unquestionably a piece worthy of the finest of collections.