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"The Saab 96 was manufactured and marketed from 1960 to January 1980, replacing the 93. The 96 featured aerodynamic two-door bodywork, four passenger seating and at first a two-stroke, three cylinder engine, later a four-stroke V4. The front end was lengthened for 1965 models, in preparation for a new engine, and the radiator was placed ahead of the engine rather than above and behind, a leftover from the thermosiphon cooling days. Both front and rear windows were enlarged slightly for 1968 models. The Saab 96 was driven most famously by Erik Carlsson in many international rallies, coming first in the 1960, 1961 and 1962 RAC Rallies and first in the 1962 and 1963 Monte Carlo Rallies. It was these successive, top-level victories that put the Saab 96 'on the map' and established its reputation for reliability and toughness. Carlsson also competed in the East African Safari Rally. Famous rallying names such as Simo Lampinen, Per Eklund, Pat Moss-Carlsson, Tom Trana, Stig Blomqvist and Carl Orrenius have also been connected with the Saab 96.
This delightful Saab 96, first registered on 1st July 1971, is presented in red with retrimmed red and black vinyl seats and boasts a modern stereo. Owned and maintained by our enthusiastic vendor, this is a great entry level classic combining rally connotations from the great 96’s driven by Carlsson and Blomqvist with the practicality of four generous seats and a truly unique design. This long nose V4 version with the 1.5 litre 65 bhp engine is a slice of a bygone era and indeed manufacturer, as Saab ceased production altogether in 2014.
Guide Price £3,000 - £6,000