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ENGINE: V8 90.




In the early 1990s, Rolls-Royce developed and launched the Silver Spirit on the market following the great success of the Silver Shadow, which had completely changed the technical basis of the Brand and made it possible for what, until 1971, had been just a small division of a big engineering company to detach itself and grow independently as a successful motor manufacturer.

From the beginning Rolls-Royce had always focused on the evolution and development of a project until it achieved the highest possible level of perfection, rather than revolution. This was the case, for in­stance, in 1946 – 1965, when various models (Silver Dawn and Silver Wraith, Silver Cloud I, II and III) were developed from a common tech­nical base. With the big change brought by the Silver Shadow in 1965 and its monococque, integrated hydraulic systems, and so on, a new period of evolution had started that was to continue until 2000.

The Silver Spirit was thus an evolution of the Silver Shadow: the plat­form and the mechanics were very similar apart from some updates to the safety, antipollution and climate control systems, whilst the body­work was completely new.

Whilst remaining faithful to the classic grand luxury saloon genre, the Silver Spirit was more modern and less angular, also in order to create a more aerodynamic shape.

The motor car we present here today comes from the first part of the production, which makes it quite rare. Being the ‘basic model’ of the Rolls-Royce line-up, it has a less opulent finish with respect to the later cars: the woodwork on the doors has smaller parts, the wheels are still steel discs - many other details were modified and enriched later.

Everything in this car seems to have been designed to create a homo­geneous and not too showy image: the sophisticated combination of the sober metallic medium blue paintworkwork and the blue leather upholstery, the absence of a vinyl roof and contrasting finishes make this Rolls-Royce a very elegant motor car. The only quirk is the “Silver Spirit II” badge applied to the lid of the boot by one of its previous owners: a mistake as this car is from the very first Series.

This car, like the other two Rolls-Royces shown here, has been very well cared for by its owners and is in very good condition in terms of the body work, interior and mechanics. All the potentially problematic areas have been checked by British Motors in Verona, well known as one of the best specialized workshops for this type of car, as well as the Bentley Motors official Service Point. As is commonly known, after the two Brands split, Bentley Motors continues to provide spare parts and assistance for all the Rolls-Royce motor cars built in Crewe before 2000.

The market value of the Silver Spirit is now at its lowest point, there­fore this vehicle represents a very attractive opportunity.

The vehicle is in excellent mechanical condition but, for safety reasons, we advise the purchaser to have it checked over and to replace the fluids, filters and perishable elements.

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