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The Phantom VI is still the ultimate in luxury - none of the modern pretenders come close

Hand build by the London based Hythe Road Rolls-Royce factory only a few were ever completed each year

Production began in 1968 and when the last was built in 1990 only 374 had been delivered

The latter series, introduced in 1977 has several upgrades and production became even rarer

There were 309 Phantom's built between 1968 and 1976 - just under 40 a year

Thereafter numbers were much lower as there was a downturn in the markets and thereafter the Phantom looked rather old fashioned

Indeed only 65 were produced between 1977 and 1990 at the rate therefore of only 5 cars per year

The updated specification in 1977 included some major revisions

Whilst the main stream Rolls-Royce models had enjoyed the 6.750cc all aluminium V8, the GM400 automatic gearbox and power brakes since 1971 the Phantom didn't enjoy these until 1977

Therefore the later examples are a complete joy to sample

The first of the 65 was gifted the HM the Queen by Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Ltd to mark her Silver Jubilee Celebrations

PGX120 was first registered in 1986 and came with stainless wheel arch trim and sills together with the very desirable 'Hooper' rear lights clusters, electric rear seat operation, Silk curtains, Sony top of the range stereo, occasional front facing seats, picnic tables with vanity mirrors, lockable cabinet, smoked glass to the rear and the division as well and sumptuous lamb wool over rugs

Sold to the next owner by International dealer, Lukas Huni of Zurich, in December 1993 when 9.000kms had been covered when she was shipped out to Taiwan where the last owner bought her in 2012, at which point only a further 3.000kms had been added

She was then shipped back to the UK where an article of our chum, and very well known Motoring and Watch Journalist, Simon de Burton wrote a piece about her, as her new owner had decided to change her colour to the lovely two tone Tudor Grey over Mason Black as you see in the pictures now - she was originally Oxford Blue all over

She appears most elegant now and is in pristine condition, as you would expect and after occasional usage she is up to 23.000kms

We have supplied many Phantom's over the years, both in period when and more recently and many of the later chassis series too

Ours is one of the very last, and one of the best too