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1935 Rolls Royce Phantom II Limousine
Registration no. XBV 295
Chassis no. 82UK

Reputedly the last model that Henry Royce designed himself, the Phantom II was introduced in 1929 as a successor to the New Phantom (retrospectively known as the Phantom I) with deliveries commencing in September of that year. Unlike its predecessor, which inherited its underpinnings from the preceding 40/50hp model, the Silver Ghost, the Phantom II employed an entirely new chassis laid out along the lines of that of the smaller 20hp Rolls-Royce. Built in two wheelbase lengths - 144" and 150", the former being used for the Continental models - this new low-slung frame, with its radiator set well back, enabled coachbuilders to body the car in the modern idiom, creating sleeker designs than the upright ones of the past.

The engine too had come in for extensive revision. The PI's cylinder dimensions and basic layout - two blocks of three cylinders, with an aluminium cylinder head common to both blocks - were retained, but the combustion chambers had been redesigned and the 'head was now of the cross-flow type, with inlet and exhaust manifolds on opposite sides. The magneto/coil dual ignition system remained the same as on the PI. The result of these engine changes was greatly enhanced performance, particularly of the Continental model, and the ability to accommodate weightier coachwork.

Highly favoured by prominent coachbuilders, the Phantom II chassis provided the platform for some of the truly outstanding designs of its day This is the penultimate Phantom II produced and, therefore, has 2nd gear synchromesh and the larger carburettor, etc. '82UK' was completed in October 1935 with limousine coachwork by London-based coachbuilders, Lancefield. The first owner was Sir Albert Lindsay Parkinson, who, sadly, did not have much opportunity to enjoy his new Rolls-Royce, passing away in 1936. A complete file of Rolls-Royce factory paperwork comes with the car. Interestingly, the well-known Rolls-Royce enthusiast, Andre Blaize, found a 1938 advertisement for this Rolls-Royce Phantom II Limousine, offering it for sale at £1,600 (the price new was £2,835). An odometer reading of 16,800 miles was quoted.

This Rolls-Royce Phantom II Limousine obviously stood unused for many years after WW2 had come to an end. Its history continues from 1968 when former owner Herman Wendick, proprietor of a road haulage company, purchased it in Holland and commenced a complete renovation. This is when it was changed from black to the colour you see today.

Mr Wendick used the car just once in his life: for his own wedding back in 1970. Immediately after the wedding he parked the Phantom in a heated garage and stored it under a wooden frame covered with plates. '82UJ' would remain untouched for well over 30 years until he passed away at the age of seventy-one in 2004. It was at that time that the Phantom was sold to the current vendor, directly from Herman Wendick's widow. The Rolls-Royce still had inside it the champagne bottle from the wedding and two glasses, one of which was broken - an amazing but true story. The odometer reading at that time was 20,500 miles, to which the current owner has added a further 9,000, the current reading being 29,500 miles.

We are advised by the vendor that this Phantom II Limousine is driving 'like new'. The wheels are only two years old and the clutch is brand new, and everything functions as it should. The present owner runs the Bernt Hansens Eftf. Aps workshop in Denmark, which guaranties that the car is in very fine order.

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