1923 Rochet-Schneider 1 T2

Type 15000 torpédo


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French title

- Quality craftsmanship
- A well-equipped car
- Beautiful patina of the upholstery
- No reserve

Purchased in 1989 from a collector friend from Paris by the husband of the current owner, this car has been modified into a van after the Second World War. The registration document still bears the words "Fourgon" in the van category. Luckily the rear portion, which had been taken off, has been preserved and was put back on the car during its restoration in the 1980s. Today it offers the look of a nice older restoration, the black leather presenting a pleasant patina, the hood in good condition and complete with a tonneau cover. The dashboard is fairly complete for its time: tachometer, clock, oil pressure and ammeter. The water thermometer is mounted on the radiator cap. In addition, this Rochet-Schneider has many interesting accessories, such as a Marchal search lamp on the side with integrated mirror, or a pair of Houdaille dampers equipping the front axle.
Good-looking, this roadster is a testament to the quality of construction of this disappeared eminent marquee from Lyon. The electrical equipment, as well as the flexibility of the mechanicals with a capacity of more than 2.6-liters, makes this a car still very pleasant to use today.