1916 Rochet-Schneider 1 T2



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Chassis n° 525
Complete restoration
War memorabilia

Renowned for their racing, prestige and grand touring cars, Edouard Rochet and Théodore Schneider had a new ultra-modern factory of 10,000 m² built in 1900, east of Lyon.

Between 1905 and 1908, the promising momentum of the early days was halted by obscure stock market transactions that led Théodore Schneider in 1910, and then Edouard Rochet in 1917, to leave the company.

In 1912, Rochet-Schneider completed its range of cars with a robust 12 HP chassis with a special cardan shaft and a double reduction rear axle. This chassis served as the basis for various light commercial vehicles until the mid-1920s.
During the First World War, the manufacturer devoted itself to war production (aircraft engine parts, shells), and to the manufacture of a single type of truck: a 1.5-tonne model, of which 1,363 units were delivered to the army. They were particularly appreciated as medical vehicles.
It is one of these vehicles that we are presenting to you today. Its owner bought it in 2002.
Originally, the truck presented belonged to a scrap metal and skin salvager from Evreux. Before the war it was bought by a transporter from Puy de Dôme who wanted to recover the tyres and then stored in a barn. The current owner found it in a semi-wrecked state and undertook a tedious year-long restoration in 2003.
The truck is now in perfect working order and awaits its future owner, who will have the audacity to tame its century of history.