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Even the little green men of Mars are probably aware of Porsche's ubiquitous 911 - the car its makers tried to kill off in the '70s yet is still alive and well 53 years on from its launch. However, not everybody will know that long before the 911 was a twinkle in Ferdinand Porsche's eye, he not only designed the 'People's Car' (the Volkswagen Beetle) but the People's Tractor (the Volk-Schlepper). However, with the intervention and politics of WWII it wasn't until 1956 that the famous name was to first appear on a production version of such a vehicle, and manufacture was only maintained until 1963, by which time Porsche had other priorities. Under the circumstances, the company's tractors are understandably rare and highly prized. The so-called Junior was the smallest and arguably most attractive of the four different models offered, all of which were manufactured in the old Zeppelin factory of Friedrichshafen-Manzell, Germany, and featured an innovative fluid coupling that connected the engine to a six-speed transmission. All four models were diesel-powered and between them covered the needs of most potential purchasers. The choice was as follows: Junior - 15hp; Standard - 25hp; Super - 38hp; and Master - 50hp.

The delightful Junior 108 tractor now offered therefore represents a most unusual opportunity to acquire an agricultural cousin of the contemporaneous 356 car. Presented in the Red livery of all Porsche tractors, it was apparently the subject of a restoration around four years ago, since when it has formed part of a private vehicle collection. It is presently regarded by the vendor as having 'very good' bodywork, paintwork, single-cylinder 822cc engine and transmission and will doubtless be of potential interest to anybody with a passion for classic farm machinery, and would certainly be the perfect partner to any Porschephile's car collection. In short, a rare opportunity for enthusiasts everywhere.

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