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Unveiled in 1991, the 968 was the final development of the front-engine, water-cooled Porsche, a model line that can be traced back to 1975, with the introduction of the 924.

This series of Porsche sports cars, developed in parallel to and yet overshadowed by the iconic 911, was incredibly influential in its own right. Not only were these front-engine Porsches a production and sales success, but they also played a significant role in the company’s motor sports story.

These three front-engine Porsche models – 924, 944, 968 – shared the same fundamental concept: a water-cooled inline four, rear-mounted transaxle, and attractive fastback design. All three were also successfully developed into racing cars, beginning with the 924 Carrera GTR, which stunned the motoring world when it achieved a 6th place finish at the 1980 24 Hours of Le Mans.

This proud tradition carried through to the Turbo RS – a full competition version of the 968 developed by Porsche Motorsport for private customers to campaign in the ADAC GT Cup. In typical Porsche fashion, a complementary road-going model was announced soon after, geared toward “engaged sporting drivers,” to use factory parlance. This car was called the 968 Turbo S.

At the heart of the Turbo S and RS was a special engine, which combined the three-liter block of the 968 with the eight-valve head of the 944 Turbo S and a massive single turbocharger. This bespoke, purpose-built engine, denoted by type number M44/60, produced tremendous torque at low-rpm, 369 lb./ft. at 3,000 rpm, and delivered 305 bhp at 5,600 rpm. Porsche also revised the 968’s six-speed transaxle, fitting longer final drive and gear ratios, along with a 75% locking limited-slip differential.

The chassis underwent many significant changes as well. The ride height was lowered, the suspension was fitted with stiffer springs and revised damper settings, and the large four-piston brakes and three-piece Speedline wheels from the 911 Turbo S were fitted.

Visually, the 968 Turbo S was similar to the contemporary Club Sport, but was differentiated by NACA ducts on the hood, a deeper front spoiler, adjustable rear wing, and special badging. Inside, the cockpit was stripped of any unnecessary luxury amenities and outfitted with lightweight Recaro racing seats and, in many cases, a Matter half-cage.

With tremendous reserves of power and torque, significant weight savings, and neutral handling, thanks to the near 50/50 weight distribution, the 968 Turbo S offered exceptional, all-around performance. Tests conducted in 1993 returned a 0 to 60 time of 4.7 seconds and a top speed of 175 mph, with much more predictable, balanced handling than the rear-engine 911 Turbo.

Although a run of 100 cars was planned, Porsche’s executive directors, fearful of upstaging the 911, canceled the 968 Turbo S program. As a result, just 14 examples were built, making this model, the ultimate development of the front-engine line, among the most rare and exclusive produced in modern times. As was the case with most Motorsport Porsches, the 968 Turbo S was not offered for sale in the US, and the majority were sold to Germany, where the car retailed for a staggering DM 175,000.

This 968 Turbo S, chassis 0064, was produced in June 1993 and is one of two examples finished in the striking, paint-to-sample color of Blutorange (Blood Orange), the other being chassis 0061, the factory prototype. Equipped for German delivery and outfitted with Dunlop tires, this car was originally sold through Porsche Zentrum Ruh-Lippe to its first private owner, Hans Dieter Wieczorek of Bochum. Records on file indicate that the Turbo S remained in the hands of its original caretaker until February 2000, when ownership transferred to Simone Wieczorek, presumably a member of his family.

Soon after his acquisition, the Turbo S was sent to Porsche tuning specialist Cartronic Motorsport in Gummersbach, and the engine and hood were upgraded to Turbo RS specifications, with a corresponding increase in power output.

Later in the decade, the Turbo S was owned by two German collectors – Deitmar Ebert and Udo Messmer – before being acquired by specialist dealer Springbok Sportwagen in 2009. During their ownership, the 968 Turbo S was sent to Porsche specialist Reiner Telkamp in Ludwigsburg for a comprehensive cosmetic and mechanical recommissioning, which included reversing many of the aftermarket upgrades that had been performed under the second owner. In 2011, chassis 0064 joined the collection of Christian Wälzholz of Hagen, an active member of the Porsche Club Deutschland who happened to own another 968 Turbo S, along with several other notable models.

The consignor, an American collector with a passion for the finest limited-production Porsches, purchased the Blutorange Turbo S from Mr. Wälzholz in 2016 and then commissioned a comprehensive mechanical overhaul (at a cost of more than $40,000), before importing the car into the US. Since its arrival, the Porsche has been meticulously detailed to concours-quality standards and driven sparingly. At the time of cataloguing, the odometer displayed 64,000 kilometers (approximately 39,770 miles), which is believed to represent the original mileage from new.

Presented today in splendid condition inside and out, the Blutorange Turbo S was recently photographed for a forthcoming article in 000 magazine on the history of the 968 Turbo S and RS models.

Accompanying the sale of this car is the original owner’s folio (including the original stamped warranty book, as well as the owner’s manual, Touring Pass, and service directory), two sets of keys, and an extensive history file that includes the Porsche Certificate of Authenticity, the original German Fahrzeugbrief (registration papers), and assorted maintenance records. Additionally, the sale includes a comprehensive collection of literature on the model including an original Porsche press kit, various magazine articles, correspondence, and a complete list of all Turbo S and RS chassis numbers.

Of all the special cars built by hand in Porsche’s race shop at Weissach, the 968 Turbo S and RS are among the most intriguing, representing the culmination of two decades of relentless development and the very pinnacle of the front-engine model line. Of the 14 road-going examples produced, just five are known to reside in the US, all held in major private collections and unlikely to trade hands for the foreseeable future.

The first of its kind offered for public auction, this well-documented and brilliantly presented Blutorange 968 Turbo S represents a unique opportunity to acquire one of the most exciting and exclusive Porsches of the modern era.

*Please note that this vehicle will not be sold for use or resale in California or to a non-dealer California resident.