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    350 PS / 258 kW / 346 BHP
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FABCAR was started in 1977 by Dave Klym in Costa Mesa California after running an Indy car for Fred Carrillo (Carrillo Connecting Rods). Dave worked for Dan Gurney’s All American Racers before running Fred’s car. This will be our 35th year in business. FABCAR’s first major project was building eleven Wheeler Super V cars, designed by Gary Wheeler.Tom Spalding had us build two Shakee Can-Am cars that were designed by Roman Slobodydynskij. Roman was the designer of the very successful Dan Gurney Eagle Indy cars. Tom was the first person to attempt to put a video camera in a racecar. In 1979,FABCAR was contracted by Lindsay Hopkins From Atlanta to build three Lightning Indy cars. These cars were some of the first ground effect Indy cars. These cars were designed by David Bruns. David later started Swift Cars.Janet Guthre attempted to qualify for Indy in 1980 The cars had aluminum monocoques and very unique pushrod/pull rod suspension. During our time in California we were involved in some unique projects. One was building components for a company that built full scale running replicas of the two steam engines that met at Promontory Point in Utah. These trains were built for the Department of The Interior and now run daily in the Golden Spike National Park.
In the 80ies Fabcar build customers Porsche 962 and 935 same like Kremer or Joest. Well known are the famous Cola Cola 935/84 or the JLP 935. All these experience from these project were used 1986 for their 1st own car powered by Porsche.

In 1986 Fabcar produced their own version of the Porsche 962 for the IMSA Camel Lights season simply called the CL.
Having repaired and built many Porsche 956s and 962s, Fabcar was a worldwide expert on the chassis design.
Two Camel Light cars were made for the 1986 season both initially fielded by White Allen Motorsport. They ran against cars like the Tiga GT286, Spice SE87L and Argo JM16.
Both CLs were raced throughout 1986, 1987 and 1988 taking class victories at the Sears Point 300 Kilometres and 3 Hour Grand Prix of Palm Beach.
None of the cars was on the market for the last 20 years. Now here the chance to buy an epic race car with Hugh racing history.
The car tuned 3 times the 24h of Daytona, 3 Times 12h Sebring and was an entry for LeMans 24h. Detailed racing history see following.
For historic racer it’s a perfect entry in the Group C racing with a car easy to drive and service. The running costs are just a little part of an 956 or 962 and the car is very reliable with his Flat-6 Porsche engine.

> Just 2 cars existing!
> Powered by Porsche
> Huge Racing history at the most important endurance races in period

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