1991 Porsche 928


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"Originally intended to replace the company's iconic 911, the 928 attempted to combine the power, poise and handling of a sports car with the refinement, comfort and equipment of a luxury saloon. The body, styled by Wolfgang Möbius under guidance of Anatole Lapine, was mainly of galvanized steel but the doors, bonnet and boot were made of aluminium to save weight.  Polyurethane plastic bumpers were integrated into the nose and tail and covered in body-coloured plastic; an unusual feature for the time that was intended as both a styling feature and to reduce drag. In 1980, the 928S was introduced with a larger 4.7 litre engine and wider wheels and tyres, whilst in 1987, the engine displacement was further increased to 4957cc with the introduction of the now highly desirable 928 S4.
This desirable classic Porsche is presented in Amethyst with matching leather interior and was supplied to its first owner in Hong Kong. The car was subsequently imported to the UK in 2003.  This fabulous car comes with MoT history, service invoices, air conditioning, electric seats, electric sunroof and electric windows. The five litre V8 engine is mated to an automatic gearbox which is so versatile – great on long journeys and exciting on country roads. These rare sports cars from the German manufacturer, are highly sought-after now and one in this condition should certainly be seen to be appreciated."