1990 Porsche 928


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Guide price: £40000 - £50000. <ul><li>Formerly the Property of The Sultan of Brunei Royal Family</li><li>Just 7,492 km (4,682 miles) from new. Pristine both inside and out</li><li>Freshly serviced by Cavendish Porsche Specialist</li><li>Right-hand drive. Imported from the Emirates with UK taxes paid </li></ul><p> </p><p>Critics immediately recognised the advances inherent in the 928 over the 911, and the car was universally praised as one of the greatest 'GT' cars of all time. It handled, it was quick, it looked fantastic and it was comfortable. With the 928, Porsche created a serious long distance grand-touring car that could also tackle twisting B-roads with ease, thanks to super-direct steering, 50/50 weight distribution and a clever Weissach rear axle that kept the car firmly planted. Many road testers found that their nerve ran out long before the 928's grip. Porsche continuously developed their range-topper throughout its production life, culminating with the launch of the S4 in 1987, which differed slightly from the earlier Series cars with its smoothed-off front and rear bumpers, larger rear spoiler, more interior equipment and a 5-litre version of the V8 engine developing 316bhp and with improved low-end pulling power. The 928 S4 was an even greater technical 'tour de force' than before. </p><p>This remarkable right-hand drive, 1994 928S4 Automatic was formerly the property of the Sultan of Brunei Royal Family and had covered just 7,492km (4,682 miles) when it was MoT tested in January 2018. It remains pristine, both inside and out, and the gleaming White paintwork and smart black interior have obviously been protected from the desert sun.</p><p>It has recently arrived from the Emirate States and all taxes have been paid and a NOVA issued. UK registration has been applied for and it is hoped will be completed by the time of the sale. The Porsche will be fully serviced at Cavendish Porsche Specialists in Nottingham prior to its arrival at Silverstone.</p><p>Front-engined Porsches are having the renaissance they richly deserve, and this sensibly guided 928 S4 opens the door into a very exclusive club of Porsche ownership, although acquiring examples of the 928 with this low mileage is becoming very difficult. Although 24 years old, this is a 'time-warp' car with a Royal pedigree and has the potential to be a shrewd investment.</p><div><br /></div>