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French registration papers

Full Group 4 preparation
International HTP
A serious alternative to the 911

After the 914, Porsche wanted to continue its partnership with the VAG group and repeat that model’s commercial success. At the top of the company, the days of the 911 were seen as numbered, and Porsche therefore reverted to a more conventional layout, with the engine mounted at the front, but the gearbox at the rear to improve the weight distribution. Following complex negotiations with the VAG group, Porsche decided to market the 924 on its own. It would prove a success: with more than 120,000 cars built, the 924 remains one of the best-selling models in Porsche’s history. On the strength of its experience in motorsport, the company went on to develop a Turbo version. The new 2-litre engine, assembled in Stuttgart, was fitted with a KKK turbocharger, producing a total of 170bhp. In 1980, Porsche presented the 924 Carrera GT: as well as having a more muscular appearance, its 2-litre engine now developed 210bhp. The following year, two even more radical versions intended for competition were introduced. The GTS, of which 59 cars were built, was more powerful than the Carrera GT and could be recognised by its fixed headlamps and the intercooler installed opposite the engine. The ultimate version of the 924 would be the 375bhp GTR, which remains the most exclusive variant, with just 17 cars built.

The car which we are presenting is a 1981 Porsche 924 Turbo with full GTS-type competition preparation. It meets the homologation requirements for Group 4 set out in the FIA homologation form 672. It comes with its international Historic Technical Passport (HTP) dated September 2018. After being completely stripped down, the car was repainted in Gitane blue as a tribute to the 924 GTS driven by Jacky Ickx, in which he finished fourth at the Boucles de Spa in 1982. All the mechanical components are completely new; the engine is fitted with forged pistons, large-diameter valves, a GTS intake manifold, a special fuel injection system and a KKK K26 turbo. The engine is mated to a short-ratio 924 gearbox, coupled with running gear from a 944 and a limited-slip differential. The braking system is taken from a Porsche 911 Turbo 3.3. The engine is supplied with fuel from an ATL FT3 FIA fuel tank with twin pumps. Inside, the car is fitted with a removeable six-point roll cage which complies with FIA Appendix K, two bucket seats, racing harnesses and a set of Stack instruments. Altogether, the invoices amount to nearly 160,000 €. Our thrilling road test of the car fully demonstrated its potential to us. This Porsche represents a serious alternative to the 911 and would be as competitive in rallying as on the racetrack. Our 924 GTS is ready to race; it only needs you for it to win the next special stage!

164 bis, avenue Charles de Gaulle
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