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The Porsche Outlaw movement is said to have began in the 1980s by Gary Emory who set about creating 'one off' personalised Porsches - mainly 356 models that were built to enjoy and drive as Porsche intended but with an individual twist and performance upgrades. Outlaws are not for the purists or the concours kings who spend many a day polishing and picking grass blades out of the tyre tread. Built by the enthusiasts who like to stand out from the crowd, the Outlaw can often be spotted by its tatty appearance, lowered suspension and wider tyres. Look deeper inside and chances are you will find an uprated engine and other more subtle often race-inspired modifications.

Having been over-looked or dismissed over the years, it is only recently that Outlaws have gained a loyal following and respect within the classic car world; aided by the likes of Singer Vehicle Design developing possibly the most beautiful 911s ever created and Magnus Walker, who took both the Porsche and custom car world by storm with his interpretations of the 911 and 912. Even Porsche themselves now recognise the importance of the Outlaw theme.  The manufacturer have appointed Magnus Walker to become a global ambassador for their brand and have incorporated special Outlaw classes at some Porsche concours events.

This 1968 Porsche 912 Outlaw began its life in the USA as a standard Porsche 912 that at some point during its life the engine was replaced with a 911T unit. The car later became unloved and was put into storage in USA until acquired by our vendor.

Our vendor was on the hunt for a good basis to create an Outlaw Porsche to build to his own specification and stumbled upon this car already fitted with a larger 911T engine and with its tatty appearance it was perfect.

The car was imported in to the UK and work started. The brakes were refurbished and the suspension checked and refreshed where needed and lowered to give it the all-important Outlaw stance. Wider ‘cookie cutter' wheels where sourced, refurbished and fitted to the car. A new fuel tank was fitted and the engine was also checked and given a full service.

Unfortunately, a change of plan has meant that the vendor is not able to realise his dream of creating an Outlaw 911 built to his specification, hence it is now offered for sale here.   

This car offers the purchaser the perfect basis to continue the Outlaw build to his or her own specification, or, alternatively, presents a project to return the car to standard specification, especially given the current value of Porsche 912s. Which would you choose?


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