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Chassis No. 454329
Engine: 4-Cylinder Boxer Air-cooled
Power 90 hp
Max Speed 190 kph
First registration: Italy
Fully restored

The History
In order to fill the gap created between the 356 and the 911, in 1965 Porsche decided to make the 912 model, a little and less powerful Porsche 911 but aesthetically identical. On the rear the perfomance of the car was all on the little boxer 4 cylinder of 1.6 liter taken from the Porsche 356 SC. In order to make it suitable for the 912, the max power was lowered to 90 hp, to obtain more accelleration and stability, and a 4 manual gearbox was installed. The engine has really good fuel efficency for the time’s standard.
The interiors of the car were simplified when compared to the 911, and thanks to the same design and lines, the Porsche 912 had a huge success, expecially in the United States.
In 1969 the Porsche 912 finally ceased the production to make way for the new arrived 914. Although this, in 1976 a few cars were made for the USA market only, named 912 E, with a 2 liter version of the same engine and a new Injection (made by Volkswagen).

Our Porsche 912
This car has matching chassis and engine number.
It is in excellent condition thanks to a full and recently performed restoration of the bodywork and the mechanical components.
This restoration was made from the latest owner following all factory requirements and specs, in order to restore the car to the best condition but preserving the full originality of components,
In fact the vehicle was painted in the original Bahama Yellow color, and the interiors are now restored to new as they came out of Porsche’s factory.
The dashboard is the genuine one, perfectly working, and the wooden Porsche steering wheel is original too.
The engine has been restored following the highest level of precision, fully respecting genuine components, giving it the original 90 horsepower.
Original rims with new tires. Grids, moldings, writings and new emblems.