1973 Porsche 911


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    Ivory White
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This F-Series, left-hand drive, 2.4T MFi was first registered in February 1973 and supplied by Porsche America in its original colour of Light Ivory WhiteBought from Silverstone Auctions in 2016and stripped to the last nut and bolt prior to a two year rebuildEngine totally rebuilt with new pistons and liners, all bearings crank and heads rebuilt etcThe important MFI pump fully reconditioned by Andy Prill Classic Porsche specialistsRebuild carried out by Anthony Seddon Classics. Invoices for in excess of 100,000This is a matching numbers, very rare model that has been restored to a level barely seenIntroduced in September 1963 at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the Porsche 901 concept heralded the start of a production run that even Porsche probably couldn't have imagined, and now into its sixth decade, the Porsche 911 is still the model that underpins the whole Porsche range. At the Paris Auto Show in October 1964, French car maker Peugeot formally objected to the use of model numbers '901' so, before the end of 1964, Porsche changed the designation of their flagship model to 911. By the end of 1972 Porsche was ready to release its latest series of 911. The 1973 'F-Series' is considered by many purists as the definitive and most coveted 911, the final series before the vastly different impact bumper 'G-Series'. By 1973 the engine capacity had increased to 2.4 litres and the top of the range model was the, soon to be, iconic 2.7 Carrera RS.In early 1973, Porsche made a small number of 2.4T Mechanical Fuel Injection (MFi) cars in a short run in-between the 1972 2.4T side oil-fill model and the later 1973 2.4 CIS Injection and Zenith Carburettor models. By the end of February 1973, the 2.4T MFi production run ended in favour of the less powerful but more emission friendly CIS injection, and in total Porsche produced less than three hundred 2.4T MFi cars, rendering this 1973 2.4T MFI a very rare model indeed.This F-Series, left-hand drive, 2.4T MFi was first registered in February 1973 and supplied by Porsche America in its original colour of Light Ivory White, considered by many as one of the most beautiful 70s colours on offer at that time. Used very sparingly for its first 12 years from 1973 to 1985, it was decided in late 1985 that a colour change to Guards Red would be appropriate and so the car was taken off the road to prepare it for its new 'coat of colours'. However, little progress was made over the ensuing years, and the car remained unfinished for the next 30 years, fortunately, stored in a temperature controlled garage, hence its wonderfully rust-free condition. Given the time the car was off the road, the indicated mileage of 22,582 miles may well be correct, although we are unable to confirm this.The car was purchased by our vendor from Silverstone Auctions in 2016 with the intention of carrying out a full restoration of this rare Porsche. Rust free it may have been but the California heat had not been kind to the car so it was taken back to the original steel by hand with no chemical dipping involved. Once stripped, it was clear that it had never been welded and remained free of rust, so a two-year rebuild was commenced, only finished a few months ago, that results in the spectacular 911 on offer here.Having been stripped to the last nut and bolt, everything plastic or rubber has been renewed. The engine was totally rebuilt with new pistons and liners, all bearings, crank and heads rebuilt to 'as new' condition and the important MFI Pump was fully reconditioned by Andy Prill Classic Porsche specialists.The gearbox was stripped and rebuilt by a Porsche specialist, the original suspension totally restored to 'as new' by Koni, and every last nut and bolt has been restored or renewed with genuine parts. Naturally, the interior was restored to the same standard and all dials and gauges were fully restored.The majority of the rebuild was entrusted to Anthony Seddon Classics Historic F1 specialists who are renowned for their fastidious attention to detail and a desire to get the car as close to new as possible. We understand all this attention attracted invoices in excess of 105,000.Our vendor commissioned local Porsche specialists to use the car for a short period to assess the restoration and they said We have driven the car 100s of miles to shakedown and ensure it is all good for the next lucky owner. This car drives superbly and is without a doubt one of, if not the the best MFi available and as one of only 289 2.4 cars so fitted, it's a rare 911.Guided very sensibly, considering its restoration cost, we welcome any inspection of this fabulous Porsche.