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    87 684 km / 54 485 mi
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    Convertible / Roadster
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Type of body: Targa
Registration number: PO-08-88

The early 1970s were an important time for Porsche. By then, the Porsche 911 had firmly established its position as a high-performance vehicle in the sports car segment. The Porsche 911 S from 1973 that we are currently offering at Gallery Aaldering may well be one of the highlights from that era. Aside from all the very special Porsches, according to many, the ultimate (classic) Porsche. With a more powerful engine and a year before the introduction of the heavier bumpers, this may not come as a surprise to many.
With a larger six-cylinder engine of 2,341 cc (rounded to 2.4 litres), the 911 S replaced the 2.2-liter engine in 1972. And this was very good news, as the power increased to 190 hp. While Porsche used mechanical fuel injection for the 911 T and 911 E versions, the top-of-the-line, the 911 S, used carburettors in European specification. Furthermore, the robust 915 transmission was fitted to the 911 S with the larger engine.
The 911 S was undoubtedly the absolute top among the 911's. Of course, highly suitable for daily use, with its more powerful engine and a small spoiler under the front bumper, which improved stability at higher speeds. All of this was good news for highway use. Both the coupe and targa versions were available, with the latter featuring a characteristic stainless steel roll bar and a removable roof panel.
Porsche made only 915 examples of the 911 S Targa, and it's no wonder that the best examples with the right features are now highly sought after.
Our example is the coveted 911 S and is also equipped with the rare targa and matching numbers. On June 26, 1973, the first Swiss owner received this fantastic 911 in the colour Hell Gelb (6210) with black leather upholstery (66); the combination that this Porsche still has and therefore also matching colours. In addition, the first owner ordered his 911 with the now immensely popular Recaro seats (409), which are still in this Porsche. This 911 was also delivered with Koni shock absorbers (402).
After a few years, this 911 S ended up with an owner in Spain, who took excellent care of the car. This is reflected in the documentation that we are able to provide with this car. In 2020, this Porsche ended up with a car collector in France. In recent years, this Porsche has received the excellent care it deserves, as is evident from the various specialist invoices.
Both the exterior and interior are in a neat condition. The bodywork is sleek and nicely painted. The interior is beautiful with the coveted Recaro seats. Once on the road, we understand very well why this is such a sought-after Porsche. With 1,100 kg, 190 hp, and the targa version, it's a fantastic driving Porsche. The engine sounds healthy, and the handling is great, with plenty of excitement.
Are you interested in this Porsche? Then please contact us, we shall be more than happy to assist you further.

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