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French registration papers

- Substantial history file dating back to 1987
- Rare model with wing-mounted oil filler
- Ideally suited to historic rallying

An exceptional sports car, the Porsche 911 has been a living legend ever since it was introduced in 1964. Although it underwent many changes affecting above all its chassis and engine, its styling evolved only slightly. In 1971, the 911’s engine was increased in size to 2.4 litres, its power output rising to 190bhp. Capable of staggering performance compared with the other cars of its day, it could reach a top speed of 230kph (143mph); its roadholding meanwhile was improved with better weight distribution (42% to the front and 58% to the rear) and wider wheels and tyres. There were only minor changes to its appearance: a spoiler was fitted at the front, first on the 911 S and then on the other models in the range. Finally, the oil filler was now located behind the passenger door, hidden under a flap, but the confusion this caused with the fuel filler made Porsche decide to return to its original location under the engine cover! Easy to use every day, capable of racking up the miles at speed with the marque’s legendary reliability, but just as quick and effective in competition, the 911 has become a ‘Swiss Army knife’ greatly appreciated by amateur racing drivers. Whether in short-wheelbase or RS form, all the versions of the 911 are of interest, but the 911 S, the most fully developed variant for ‘ordinary’ use before the G-series cars, remains one of the most popular today.

Fittingly, the 911 which we are offering for sale today has given great pleasure to a historic racing enthusiast, who entered it in numerous events. It has been extensively prepared and fitted out, its equipment including a six-point OMP roll cage, Sparco EVO 2 bucket seats, Sabelt three-point harnesses, a cut-out switch, fire extinguisher, Tripmaster and a Peltor intercom system for the driver and co-driver. The exterior is equipped with a row of additional lights with quick-release Camloc fasteners and Dakar-style bonnet pins for the engine cover and front bonnet.

The substantial file of bills goes back to 1987, when it was bought from Nourry by an enthusiast who maintained it scrupulously until 1998 (as the invoices and photographs show). At this point, he sold it to another collector near Le Havre who had it prepared by MS Auto Sport to take part in several historic racing events (with further bills as proof). In 2003, its current owner acquired the car and entered it in a number of rallies. Regularly maintained by Madou Compétition in northern France, substantial work was undertaken on the engine in 2008 and on the brakes in 2014. In 2017, an overall service was carried out, for a total of 1354.74 €, and more recently still, in May 2018, the starter was replaced. The outside of the car exhibits a few flaws to the bodywork, but as a whole it is very sound. During our road test we noticed a slight oil leak (from an engine seal), but the engine runs perfectly, accelerating strongly and revving cleanly. As far as its chassis is concerned, the car has precise handling and doesn’t pull to either side under braking; its steering provides good feedback and the gears engage perfectly. After checking the chassis and engine numbers, we can confirm that it is a 2.4-litre ‘S‘ body fitted with a 2.4-litre ‘E’ engine block.

Presented at a very attractive price, this car represents an excellent opportunity to discover the world of historic racing with a reliable car offering great performance. In addition, it comes with three Fuchs wheels fitted with tyres, six Bridgestone Racing tyres, three winter tyres, a fitted cover and two headsets equipped with the Peltor intercom system.

164 bis, avenue Charles de Gaulle
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