1970 Porsche 911

2.2 S


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Flat-six – 2195cc – 180bhp
French registration papers

- Delivered new in France
- Matching numbers with documented history
- No-expense spared restoration

An exceptional sports car, the Porsche 911 has been a living legend ever since it was introduced in 1964. Although it underwent many changes affecting above all its chassis and engine, its styling evolved only slightly. In 1969, the 911’s engine was increased in size to 2.2 litres, its power output rising to 180bhp. Capable of staggering performance compared with the other cars of its day, it could reach a top speed of 230kph (143mph); its roadholding meanwhile was improved with better weight distribution (42% to the front and 58% to the rear) and wider wheels and tyres. There were only minor changes to its appearance: a spoiler was fitted at the front, first on the 911 S and then on the other models in the range. Finally, the oil filler was now located behind the passenger door, hidden under a flap, but the confusion this caused with the fuel filler made Porsche decide to return to its original location under the engine cover! Easy to use every day, capable of racking up the miles at speed with the marque’s legendary reliability, but just as quick and effective in competition, the 911 has become a ‘Swiss Army knife’ greatly appreciated by amateur racing drivers. Whether in short-wheelbase or RS form, all the versions of the 911 are of interest, but the 2.2 S is one of the most sought-after and fully developed versions for roadgoing use before the G-series cars appeared.

The model we are presenting is a 911 2.2 S delivered new by the Porsche dealership in Toulouse on 23 March 1970. It is finished in its vibrant original Signal Orange paint (1414), as the Porsche certificate issued to its current owner in 2014 corroborates. This certificate confirms that the model we are offering for sale is a ‘matching numbers’ car (engine, gearbox and axle). Before the Porsche attained this concours condition, the current owner, a great fan of the make for more than 30 years, carried out a complete restoration of the car with no expense spared between 2015 and 2018. Kept by its first owner for 17 years, it came to the Bordeaux area in January 1987. Its second owner, Mr. Baudry, bought it for 60,000 francs from the Garage Raison in Talence; it then had 66,411km (41,266 miles) on the clock, as is shown by the valuation report from the time. It was then registered 2034 CX 33 and all its windows etched against theft in May 1987: the same number can still be seen there today! After moving on to a third owner, our client acquired the 2.2 S from the depths of a garage in Angoulême in 2014. He discovered a car which was generally sound and which had scarcely been driven. Together, the father and son decided to fulfil their dream and carry out a complete restoration of the car, turning in particular to the workshops of Classic Collectors at Meung-sur-Loire. Three years later, and after spending nearly 135,000 € – with supporting invoices and photographs from the restoration – the splendid 911 2.2 S took once more to the roads of the Loire Valley, with a little under 74,000km (46,000 miles) now recorded. On test, we found the car lively and with perfect handling. Set up by Ravé Classic at Arpajon, the flat-six revs freely and produces an enthralling concerto through its Scart exhaust.
Having restored it to concours condition and its original specification, the two partners decided in the end to part with their superb 911 to embark on some new projects. Restored to this standard, this example deserves the utmost attention from the most discerning collectors.

This car will be sold during an auction sale organized by AGUTTES Auction House.
It will take place in Paris, at the Espace Champerret, France, on March the 17th, 2019.
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