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• “Targa" bodywork
• Totally restored about 20 years ago,
• Black interior mixed leatherette and fabric
• Bodywork colour Light Ivory (code 131)
• Matching Number and Matching Colour
• Original number plates and registration book from 1992 (change of province)
• Excellent basis for a high-level restoration
In the 1950s, the Porsche 356 had been in production for too many years, so the carmaker decided to create a new model. The technical design was carried out by Ferry Porsche, while the aesthetic design was done by his son. His son tried hard to create a cabin that could accommodate four people. However, he soon gave up on this task and opted for the classic 2+2. Right away the car's lines were elegant and balanced. The first version was presented in 1963 and is still in production today, although it is fair to distinguish between two very different categories. The first was produced from 1963 to 1997 and still has an air-cooled engine. The second was produced from 1998 to the present and has modern engines.

Between 1968 and 1973, the Touring model became the best known of the 911 series. The wheelbase was lengthened by 57 mm, which improved ride comfort and solved the stability problems present in the previous series.
They enhanced the car's beauty by shining chrome on the bumpers, rear ventilation grille, round mirrors and horn grille.
The roof was foldable and the rear window made of glass was fixed to ensure greater safety in the passenger compartment.

This magnificent Porsche 911 2.4T "Targa", which we are offering at auction, was registered for the first time in Italy in 1973, since that day it has always remained in Italy. In 1992 it was re-targeted due to a change of province and since that day it has kept its original plates (CT*****). The car has some peculiar features which are of great importance in the world of Porsche collectors. First of all, it's a model with "Targa" bodywork which makes it already very rare. In addition, it has the prestigious 2.4 engine that gives it a great "appeal" due to the higher torque and power. The car was restored about 25 years ago and has been repainted in its original colour Light Ivory (cod.131). The interior is a preserved coloured black imitation leather and fabric . The engine has been overhauled and is in perfect condition. The car is equipped with all its original documentation (original booklet 1992, Porsche owner's manual). The car will be auctioned at Milano AutoClassica 2021 in perfect condition for those who want a ready-to-use car or for those who are looking for a unique example for a great restoration.

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