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Spectacularly Preserved 3,400 Mile Slantnose Turbo, One of 112 Built. California Car Sold New at Vasek Polak.

1988 Porsche 911 Turbo Slantnose Cabriolet
VIN WP0EB0935JS070502, engine no. 68101205
Guards Red with Black Leather Interior

The ‘flachbau’ version of the 930 (known also as the 930S and in English as the ‘Slantnose’) is a true 1980s icon. Incorporating the more aerodynamically efficient smooth front fenders of the Le Mans-winning 935, the Slantnose was a modern and visually stunning take on the traditional 911 package which helped it transition from being a venerable and somewhat old-fashioned sports car to one of the most iconic and sought-after sports cars of the 80s.

Like many Porsche design trends, the aesthetics of the Slantnose had a functional basis on the race track. To reduce drag of their 911-based race cars, engineers removed the headlight pods of the 911 and replaced them with a flat front fenders. This purposeful look captured the hearts and minds of enthusiasts, and as early as 1981, factory Slantnose road cars were being quietly built in small numbers for important customers through the Sonderwunsch (‘special wish’) program. During the same period, there was a proliferation of aftermarket Slantnose conversions, which varied in quality and were sometimes even executed in fiberglass. This demonstrated the significant market demand for the Slantnose, and for the 1987 model year, Porsche made it a publically available (and eye-wateringly expensive) option. Designated with code M505, the Slantnose option cost $29,555 in 1989 (above the $85,000 price tag of the 930 Cabriolet) and included revised front fenders with pop up headlights, boxed rocker extensions, and large vents let into the rear fenders, which serve to admit air for the auxiliary oil cooler on the right side. The Slantnose Cabriolet was among the rarest 911s of the era and indeed, just 112 1989 M505 930 Cabriolets were built, representing what was, simply put, the most expensive 911 a customer could buy.

This particular Slantnose Cabriolet was sold new at legendary Porsche Dealer Vasek Polak in Hermosa Beach and has covered just 3,400 miles from new. Its first owner was Agnes Winter, a Swedish actress residing in Beverly Hills and the car remained in her family, living Southern California until becoming part of the Marshall Goldman collection in 2014. It remained with them from 2014 to 2016, covering less than 15 miles during this period. In 2016, the current owner bought it and brought it back to California, where it has remained since.

The car retains both options stickers, which list the following options: California Emissions, Blaupunkt Radio, Electric Cabriolet Top, Locking Differential, and of course M505 Slant Nose. The car comes with records back to 1990, along with a current Carfax, both of which support the gradual accumulation of miles to the present reading of 3,419 miles. Also included are many old registration slips to support the ownership history and showing the car wearing California plates 2RYY828. In July 2017, the car received a service to include new brake fluid, oil change, new wiper blades, and a general check-over. The tires are date coded 2011.

Today this remarkably original Porsche appears in exceptionally fine condition showing substantially original Guards Red paint applied over original factory body panels. Digital paint metering throughout the entire car indicates that the left front fender was repainted at some point (12 micron reading on left front fender only) but the rest of the car reads consistent with factory paint levels (approximately 4 microns throughout). Showing only very minor paint imperfections and no significant marks of note, the finish is gleaming with vivid color and deep reflections. The rubber and black trim are excellent throughout the car. The stance is perfectly positioned on correct and desirable 7- and 9-inch Fuchs wheels, which are painted red to match the car. The current Bridgestone tires have 2011 date codes and remain in very good condition. The original tires were retained and are included with the car. The glass, lenses, and lights are also in excellent, basically unmarked condition. The power convertible top is in beautiful condition with hardly any evidence of use, raising and lowering smoothly under power from a small dash mounted switch, properly folding the clear and supple rear plastic window into the rear pocket.

The beautiful and supple black leather interior is soft and devoid of any marks, with the exception of a small scratch in the bottom of the driver’s seat. The remainder of the interior is equally crisp, with essentially no signs of aging or wear, reflecting the careful preservation this car has enjoyed. The rear seating area appears essentially new with no sun damage or dryness, often seen on cabriolets, even low mile cars that have been displayed outdoors. The hinged rear seatbacks move smoothly, showing excellent finishes both on the leather and carpeted surfaces. The center console houses the factory 4-speed manual gearshift with black leather shifter boot and an array of switches leading up to the iconic 911 dashboard. The black-dial instruments, orange needles, and analog controls are in excellent condition, once again showing virtually no evidence of use or long-term sun exposure. The original Blaupunkt radio is still in place. The original carpets are in very good condition, showing the slightest signs of use in typical places, but otherwise very much in keeping with the documented 3,419 miles indicated on the odometer.

The engine compartment is original and mercifully unmodified, a welcome treatment for a 930 Turbo given that so many examples have been altered over the years. The original matching numbers engine and engine compartment are exceptionally clean and attractive, offering an authentic original presentation consistent with a low mile example. Decals, wiring, hoses, and rare factory finishes are all beautifully preserved and properly presented just as the car left the factory 30 years ago.

The trunk is stock in appearance with excellent carpeting lining the front storage area, housing a factory correct red rim space-saver spare tire, air compressor, factory paint sticker, and authentic original materials and finishes indicative of an original factory preserved Porsche of this vintage. Unique M505 attributes such as the repositioned jack and covers for the pop up headlight mechanisms are all present and in excellent condition. Underneath the car, there is evidence of light aging, including the original factory overspray application on the floor pans, correct metal finishes displaying heated hues, and substantially undisturbed Cosmoline coating with proper gold and umber tones, consistent with preservation and mild use. There is no indication of structural damage or compromise to the floor or major components.

The car starts easily either cold or warm, and settles into a smooth idle. Once underway the car pulls delightfully when on boost and responds with the performance one might expect from a car of this lineage, power, and originality. Amazing acceleration is certainly there when needed but the car remains very usable and docile when just tooling along. The chassis, steering, and suspension are tight and composed, and the factory 917-derived Brembo brakes respond instantly in all conditions. The gearbox linkage works as it should and the gearbox has effective synchromesh during both up and downshifts. Although this Porsche has been minimally used over the years, it responds very nicely under driving conditions and highway touring, appearing to suffer none of the pitfalls associated with cars that are driven rarely. Indeed the responsive chassis and powerful turbocharged engine make for an iconic and engaging driving experience. This Slantnose comes with the original complete owner’s book set and pouch, Certificate of Authenticity, service records dating back to 1990, top boot, air compressor, jack, a set of Lloyd over mats, and the original set of tires.

This is a rare opportunity to acquire an extremely low-mileage, attractive, and properly preserved factory 930 Slantnose Cabriolet. The quintessential 80s Porsche presented in the quintessential period color combination, this car is likely one of the finest examples in existence and is one of only 112 built for 1988.