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    190 826 mi / 307 105 km
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    United States
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Chassis No. 91A0131461

Porsche factory driver and Rallye Monte Carlo winner Vic Elford often said that Porsche would have won every major rally in the 1970s if they had remained committed to the sport. If nothing else, this endorsement reaffirms what a truly exceptional platform Porsche's 911 was with countless highwater marks in Porsche's rally history like the treacherous East African Safari Rally and Paris-Dakar.

Built by Porsche 911 offroad aficionado Jim Goodlett, this 911SC rally build is the ultimate execution of function and style via parts selection - not too much, not too little. Starting from a Rest of World (RoW) 911SC, the exterior features a host of rally-inspired touches with era-correct Cibie Super Oscar auxiliary lights, and a set of Mixo trumpet horns mounted to the hood, an addition inspired by successful 911 safari rally cars of the 1970s. So too are the front windshield retention clips and a stealthy oil cooler air scoop in the front bumper. Down the sides, all four wheels are powder coated 7x16 Fuchs shod with knobbly BF Goodrich KO2 tires and mud flaps protecting the body. On top, a powder coated roof rack and a fifth, matching Fuchs wheel are added. The entire lower perimeter of the 911 (front valance, rocker panels, and rear bumper section) has also been treated to the tough-as-nails powder coating process. To complete the functionality for offroad, the ride height has been raised to 280mm offroad spec through the use of Bilstein shock absorbers, modifications to the struts, and change in height of both the tie rods as well as torsion bars all while maintaining the feel of a torsion-bar suspended 911.

The interior does not suffer from a lack of imagination or investment with Recaro Profi SPG seats, five-point Schroth harnesses, and a 350 mm Momo Model 07 Alcantara deep dish steering wheel. Naturally, the shift knob has been upgraded to a Momo Heritage Targa mahogany/leather affair and Rennline aluminum floorboards adorn both forward footwells and floorpans. To ensure safety when on adventures, a powder coated roll bar has been added for protection along with an easy-release mounted Halotron fire extinguisher, and a pair of Stilo WRC DES headsets are hard-wired into a Stilo WRC 03 intercom system to aid in communication. Finally, a period-correct set of Heuer dashboard timers are mounted to the glovebox door.

Naturally, the mechanicals follow a similar theme with the 3.0-liter RoW engine featuring CIS-fuel injection, an MSD ignition box, a camshaft regrind, performance valve springs, and Carrera chain tensioners. The air intake has been rerouted into the interior for increased performance, and out back, the 3.0-liter retains heat exchangers for cold mornings with the exhaust exiting through a custom dual-outlet, rally-style muffler. Born from a desire for adventurous drives, Goodlett's 911SC rally build hits all the right notes and might be just the perfect automotive antidote for the routine. Onroad and offroad escapades, SCCA RallyCross, if not the occasional Saturday morning coffee-fueled meetups await.