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<font size = "4">1 of 114 Type 996 Cup cars built in 2001

3.8-liter - 475 HP

6 Speed Manual

Spares package (Value over $35k)

<font size = "4">Perfect candidate for Rennsport, PCA or leisure track days

Porsche's approach to making road cars is very influenced by the world of racing. A cursory glance at the GT3 Cup vehicles demonstrates this. The 996 GT3 road vehicle was based on the 996 GT3 Cup. Within the GT3 Cup car you would find a more aggressive version of the 3.6-liter boxer engine with a redline of 8,000 rpm and ratings of 370 horsepower at 7,200 rpm paired with a six-speed manual transmission for the optimum driving experience. However, this specific 996 GT3 Cup car is pushing 100+ horsepower compared to when it was first released. Since the total PMNA 3.8 World Challenge, this engine was rebuilt to challenge spec and now boasts 475hp at 8,600 RPMs.

The GT3 Cup's massive rear wing, which more than doubles downforce at the rear axle, is by far its most noticeable feature. Optimal aerodynamic balance was ensured by a redesigned front portion. Testing by Porsche demonstrated quicker lap times due to less skidding which also resulted in less tire wear. The front section channels the hot air from the enlarged central radiator upwards and the gearbox cowling both worked to improve cooling and ensure that hot air no longer flowed to the engine and gearbox.

This Speed World Challenge car raced on TV from 2002-2005 on all major tracks including Laguna Seca, Road America, Sebring, VIR, and many more with the Denver-based 3R Racing team. Its final pro race was the Denver Grand Prix SCCA World Challenge 2006. Since then, the vehicle was extremely well maintained by its owners. This vehicle was last raced in August 2019 at Laguna Seca. Between 2018-2019 the vehicle logged 14.5 hours.

The gearbox, Speed WC spec, shorter gears, and an approximate top speed of 168mph make this car perfect for nearly every track. Since rebuilt, the transmission and clutch has seen 0 track hours. The car has a new rear sway bar, PMNA 996/997 Cup Car Blue axles ($5,800), new front and rear brake calipers, new pads, new shift cables, fresh red Schroth belts, an FIA Sparco Circuit GRP Light 8855 seat (FIA rated without seat back brace to 2021, so for PCA, good until 2027 with a back brace), and full fire system. This GT3 Cup also features factory 996 RSR suspension at each corner, an Optima sealed battery, an engine hour meter, brake cooling ductwork, inside and outside window nets, a Cool Suit system with a large helmet blower, radio system, Chase Cam system, and a full Motec dash and system with shift lights.

This is your opportunity to acquire a factory Porsche racecar just in time for Rennsport 2023.

Spares Package

• 8 wheels

• 2 hoods

• 1 front bumper

• Left & right front fender

• 2 axles

• Rear sway bar

• 3 air jack extensions

• radiator support

• Air fitting wand for air jack

• fire extinguisher

• sway bar drop link

• suspension link

• center radiator

• 2 side radiators

• Oil filter (boxed)

• Racing clutch

• control arm

• radiator hose

• pump

• air filter

• air blower

• 2 boxes with harness belts

• wiring harness

• 2 boxes brake pads

• 2 motul brake fluid

• 3 mobil 1 motor oil

• Motorola box with walkie talkie chargers

• Headlight mount

• Headlight hardware

• Coolant hose clips

• Caliper seals (front & rear)

• Black 3-ring binder with pictures & story of car

• Racing driver info

• Inspection report

• Vehicle logbook

• Racing magazine