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French registration papers

- RUF conversion, Legendary 911 reliability
- G50 gearbox
- Fine condition

The 3.2-litre model symbolises the resurrection of the 911. With in-house rivalry from the front-engined 944 and 928, the 911’s days seemed numbered at the beginning of the 1980s. It owed its retention in the Porsche range to the 1981 arrival of Peter W Schutz at the helm of the firm. He followed through in 1983 with the announcement at the Frankfurt show of the 3.2, intended to restore some shine to the 911. The completely re-worked engine, equipped with the latest techhnology such as a Bosch Motronic electronic management system, developed 231bhp, and the famed Carrera name was affixed to the car. The recipe worked so well that the 911 again became the Stuttgart firm’s mainstay. A key development was the fitment from 1987 of the Getrag G50 gearbox, which brought a definite improvement to the driving experience. Quicker-shifting and more precise, it was mated to a hydraulically actuated clutch, further improving drivetrain smoothness.
Equipped with air conditioning, a sliding roof and electric seats, our example is one of the last 15 models built in 1988 and is elegantly finished in dark blue with a beige interior. Delivered new to Italy, it was bought by its current owner in September 2014 from Automobile Frank in Germany. The most interesting aspect of its specification is the RUF conversion, carried out, according to the engine-compartment plaque, by Elite-Sportwagen, the Swiss partner of the well-known German tuning business. Modifications include a tuned engine, improved manifolding, a front suspension brace, a custom front spoiler and a Turbo rear spoiler. Inside, the dials carry a ‘RUF’ logo and the markings bear witness to the performance of the car: the redline shifts from 6200rpm to 6800rpm and the maximum speed on the speedo reads 300km/h rather than 260km/h.
The car was serviced by Miramond Dan-auto in Novembre 2014, and again more recently, including fitment of a new fuel filter. Today there is just 85,650 km (53,222 miles) on the clock, which the service-book stamps would seem to support. The car will be sold with an additional engine cover with a spoiler in the body colour and with a French roadworthiness certificate (contrôle technique) less than six months old. Exclusive, fast and low-mileage, this 911 3.2 is a car of many virtues!

This car will be sold by auction by AGUTTES Auction House, in Paris, at the Espace Champerret, France, on June the 23th, 2019.
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