1982 Porsche 911 "G"



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    Indian red
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1982 PORSCHE 911 SC

Serial Number WPOAA0911CS120539
Good aesthetic condition
Large invoice file
History known since the origin
US origin
French Registration Card of collection

SC, two letters for “Super Carrera”. This is the name of the 911 launched in 1978, supposed to be the last 911, following the arrival of the 928 and the 944. Thirteen years after its release, the 911 was a resounding success, gradually moving into a more liveable GT on a daily basis. At the time, Porsche customers were mainly interested in a car to drive, driving precision and a typical brand feeling. In order to capture new customers more concerned with ease of use and reliability, Porsche developed the SC, whose engine was none other than the Turbo, in the atmospheric version of course and the smoothed torque curve compared to the 2.7 it supplanted. The SC will be the first Porsche to be fully galvanized, the first to be offered in a convertible version and the first to offer assisted braking.

The model of Porsche 911 SC that we present to you was acquired by Mr R. Murphy in Kansas City in the United States who kept it until 1999 and will sell it to Mr R. Johnson a Texan who wanted to make a gift to his wife. The project was to transform the SC into a Turbo by including in exchange engine; unfortunately, due to lack of means, the Texan had to give the car to Mr Cunningham in 2008 who took over the project of the former owner. The car was complete except for the 3.0L engine sold separately by the former buyer, and Mr Cunningham made the decision to install a 3.2L engine in the 911.
The CS also received a new paint in the colour “Indian Red”. The complete photo tracking and repair package is up to date, and today this Porsche has good mechanical and aesthetic health all with a reliable and powerful engine.