1981 Porsche 911 "G"

SC Gr. 4


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    Original Condition
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French registration papers

- High-performance car
- Valid HTP passport
- Eligible in almost any historic car races

Everyone knows Porsche for its incredible history around competition and race-tracks all around the world in GT categories or prototype series. For over 60 years the Stuttgart brand shine for its performance cars and legendary reliability. They won everything that could possibly be won and the famous 911 is the true flagship of the German brand. We all know how much she counted in the heart of every car lover. Very efficient little sports car, the 911 won a lot of competitions but rallies as well, for example the European Rally, the Spanish, French, Swiss, Greek and even Lebanese rally Championship. It’s hard to count the exact number of victories through the years and countries.

With the upcoming of a recent age of historic car racing (called VHC in France), the classics 911 have found another exiting playground. Well known for their strength and reliability and their balance around corners, the Porsche 911 is one of the favorites for the gentleman drivers!
The car we are presenting here today is a Porsche 911 Group 4 built for rallies using a 911 sc 1984 as a base. The car was entirely prepared to participate in the exclusive Tour de Corse Historic rally. The current owner had spent 20.000 euros in bills to make it effective against very powerful other cars. Roll cage, bucket seats with a six-point harness, fire extinguisher, extra head lights and above all the flat 6 3000 cm3 with a peak power of 300 hp. The car was built in 2017 and the current owner and well-known gentleman driver, the group 4 got engaged in a rally to test the mechanics and the reaction of the car. To this date, the car has only 300 km on the clock. The result was up to the expectations and drove very well.

It’s a high-performance car we are offering here at auction, ready to win any classic car rallies. Its sold with an HTP passport and could participate in almost any historic race.