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1975 – Porsche 911 Carrera RS 3.0

French registration papers as historic vehicle

Valid FIA papers until 2026
Nice looking presentation
300 hp ready to hit the track

It is difficult to evoke racing cars history in the 70s without mentioning Porsche. The Stuttgart firm set new standards in performance at the end of the 1960s and the beginning of the following decade. The mythical rivalry with Ferrari quickly turned in favour of the German manufacturer, notably at the Le Mans 24 hours with 5 Porsche victories between 1970 and 1979. Prototypes are obviously at the forefront, but it is impossible not to mention the one that made Porsche famous throughout the world, the 911. It made its racing debut in 1965 and will never again disappear from the automotive landscape nor from motor racing until today. In fact, it is still one of the most successful GTs wherever it is entered. Designed for competition, the first 911 Carrera RS appeared in 1972, with the 2.7L version and its famous duck tail. A lighter and more powerful version of the "basic" 911, which evolved rapidly with the arrival of the 3.0 RS in 1974, which was distinguished by the reinforcement of the torsion and stabilizer bars at the rear, the enlargement of the front and rear tracks and the installation of ventilated disc brakes derived from the legendary 917. The bodywork is also significantly revised, with a larger front bumper to accommodate the larger oil cooler, wider fenders and a much larger spoiler than that of the 2.7 RS. The heart of the 3.0 RS, its engine, is absolutely sturdy, easily developing up to 330 horsepower, 100 more than the original. The forerunner of the 911 3.0 RSR, which arrived the same year, the Carrera RS 3.0 litre was only produced in 55 units at the time, although to date a large number of replicas can be seen at historic meetings around the world.

This includes the Porsche 911 Carrera RS 3.0, which we present on these pages. Entirely manufactured in 2017, it is a 911 SC from 1980 (indicated on the car registration document) which will be used as a base. Eager to race in historic competitions, its owner entrusted the construction of this 911 Carrera RS 3.0 to an Italian workshop in 2016, while the mechanics are managed by the French engine manufacturer Duquenne Moteurs in St Hippolyte du Fort. The total cost of the engine amounts to just over 20,000 euros. Double ignition, Mahle 95 cylinder sleeves and pistons, Carillo connecting rods, Bosch mechanical injection pump, 915 type gearbox with short gears, reinforced differential halfshafts, 930 turbo brakes and Carbon-Lorraine brake pads, Quaife steering, 6-point roll bar, polycarbonate side and rear windows, etc... She therefore obtains her historic FIA technical passport in 2017 (H1 period - GTS 27 class) in addition to her FFSA passport acquired the same year. The engine develops 300 horsepower and 302 Nm of torque at 6700 revs for top performance in its category. The proud owner of this superb 911 Carrera RS 3.0 replica will finally never engage his racing beast in historical events, completely surpassed by the power and radicalness of his car. The car will also be delivered with a headlight support and 4 Fuchs wheels. In perfect working order, road registered and eligible for the most important historical events, this sublime replica of the Carrera RS 3.0 will satisfy the gentleman driver looking for high performance at a very consistent purchase price.

164 bis, avenue Charles de Gaulle
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