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• Sporting Palmares (Driven by Leonardo Pittoni and Francoise Conconi)
• Among the very first produced (number 60)
• Matching Number & Matching Colour
• Completely restored (certified by Officina Nicodemi)
• Bodywork in original Guards Red colour (cod.027)
• Black imitation leather interior
• Matching Number and Matching Colour
• Engine with 210hp
• Porsche Carrera 2.7 RS engine
• Very few examples produced (1036)
• Original Documents (1989)
• Italian number plate of the time (1989)

In the 1950s, the Porsche 356 had been in production for too many years, so the carmaker decided to create a new model. The technical design was carried out by Ferry Porsche, while the aesthetic design was done by his son. His son tried hard to create a cabin that could accommodate four people. However, he soon gave up on this task and opted for the classic 2+2. Right away the car's lines were elegant and balanced. The first version was presented in 1963 and is still in production. In 1972 the 911 Carrera RS (RennSport) was offered, powered by a 2,687 cm³ (210 hp) mechanically-injected version of the classic 6-cylinder boxer engine and a lighter body with aluminium bonnets and doors and tapered non-structural sheet metal. The Carrera RS was available in a Touring version with an interior similar to that of the 911 S and Sport, with a simplified interior layout to further reduce weight, and was recognisable by its famous ducktail rear wing, the adhesive stripes on the side and the alloy wheels to match the stripes. Only available as a coupé, the car's performance was impressive: weighing 980 kg, the 0-100 km/h sprint took just 5.9 seconds and it had a top speed of 237 km/h.
But the real treat for enthusiasts all over the world came with the new range that included the 911 standard (150 hp), the 911 S (177 hp) but above all the 911 Carrera (210 hp) all available in two body versions coupé and targa. The latter version, to underline its strongly sporty-racing character, bore the term "Carrera" in homage to the American Carrera, and retained the bodywork of the other 911s, without any lightening or aesthetic changes (except for the first 500, which had a reinforcement in the central tunnel and the rear wheel arch panels from the 2. 7 Carrera RS whose production had ended a couple of months earlier), while the engine was the same as the previous series Carrera RS (pre-bumper), an exciting engine that allowed the 911 Carrera 2.7 to sprint from 0-100 km/h in just 6.1 seconds and to reach a top speed of 239 km/h. The 911 Carrera 2.7 was only sold in Europe and South Africa, but not in the U.S. Its innate sportiness, performance and rarity have made the 911 Carrera 2.7 a highly prized and highly sought-after car by collectors worldwide.
The car on offer at auction is a magnificent and extremely rare 1973 Porsche 911 Carrera 2.7 in its original Guards Red colour (code 027) and with its original black leatherette interior (matching colour). The car is one of the few 2.7 Carrera delivered in Italy in 1973 and has its original engine (matching number), the legendary 210 hp 2.7 with mechanical injection of the classic 6-cylinder boxer engine, exactly the same engine that mounted the legendary 911 Carrera RS of 1972, with a small difference on the gearbox - the Carrera road version does not have an oil pump on the gearbox, but the engine is the same as the Carrera RS (also as serial numbers). This car was registered for the first time in Italy in Como in 1973. In March 1980 the car participated in the 3rd edition of the Costa Smeralda rally driven by Leonardo Pittoni and Francoise Conconi. In 1992 it changed owners and plates to move to the sunny Sicily (Palermo) where it will stay until 2019. In that year it will be entrusted to the skilful hands of Adriano Nicodemi (famous restorer/preparer from Verona) who will restore it in its entirety, delivering a masterpiece (certified by him) of restoration in September 2021. Nicodemi's restoration has involved all parts of the car, from the bodywork, which has been totally stripped and repainted in its original Guards Red colour (code 027), to the interior, which has been in part restored. The engine has been completely disassembled, thoroughly overhauled (after all, the car has a racing history) and rebuilt to perfection (and now functions perfectly). From a mechanical point of view, the car has been completely rebuilt. Suspension, brakes, steering are all new and immaculate. All the work done is certified by Adriano Nicodemi's workshop which carried out all the work. To find an original 1973 Porsche 2.7 Carrera is a rarity in classic car collecting, and to find one restored to this level by a professional of this calibre is an even greater rarity. Due to its uniqueness, this car is destined to become a true collector's unicorn in a very short time. The car will be auctioned at the Milano AutoClassica 2021 show in competition condition.

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