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Guide price: £80000 - £100000.  
- A right-hand drive, UK-supplied 993 Turbo supplied by AFN Porsche 
- Looks purposeful in 'Triple Black' Excellent condition throughout
- Official Porsche performance upgrades in 1996, 2001. Producing 470 bhp at one point
- Complete with a VOSA MoT History and Service Summary
- 62,745 miles (warranted) and a fresh MoT 
- In period, there was simply nothing to touch the 993 Turbo
  The 993 Turbo, introduced in mid-1995, retained a tight hold on the torch of the most powerful 911 variant whilst continuing the general development and improvements to the breed as a whole. Amongst the new features on the Turbo was an electronically controlled, viscous coupling, all-wheel-drive system, something Porsche had not offered on a turbocharged model since the 959 and a system that greatly improved the driveability of the car. Under the engine lid, now topped with a sculpted spoiler tail with downturned edges, lived the 3.6-litre, flat-six force-fed by twin K16 turbos. Combined with bigger brakes, fatter tires, a wide body and lower stance, the 993 Turbo was one of the fastest cars on the planet. With all four wheels helping to evenly distribute great handfuls of power, 0-60mph was dispatched in a staggering 3.7 seconds, 100mph whistled by in a further 5.7 seconds, and the linear forward thrust continued until the speedometer needle had said goodbye to 180mph and you were on conversational terms with the horizon. This, right-hand drive, UK-supplied 993 Turbo, was supplied by AFN Porsche and first registered on the 12th January 1996. It's finished in Black with a black interior and black carpets, a colour combination that in a vehicle with the Turbo's low stance tends to suggest, if not menace exactly, more of a 'do not mess with me' seriousness.With the car is a comprehensive summary of the service history and any upgrades, and from this, we can see that at its first service, the car was fitted with an OPC Power Upgrade Kit at a cost of £5,806. The following 6 services were all at Official Porsche Centres until on 26/04/2001, with the mileage at 18,908, it was sent to Tech 9 for some serious upgrades. These included  “470 bhp performance upgrade including adjustable PSS9 Bilstein suspension and anti-roll bars, 2 x KKK 16/24 Turbos, 100-cell cats, Turbo S tailpipes, Sport clutch/flywheel, a reprogrammed ECU, plus a top-end rebuild.” The invoice for this amounted to a, not inconsiderable, £14,873.10The following eleven services were routine with discs, pads, turbo hoses etc and on 23/01/2009, with the mileage at 57,121, the Porsche benefitted from a 24,000-mile service at Peter Yule & Son and, in addition to the normal service items, the battery was replaced and four new tyres were fitted to the newly refurbished wheels.. In addition, various electrical maladies were cured, new bumper mounts were fitted, and they removed the rear bumper to check for bodywork corrosion but found none (£3,417). Servicing and maintenance have been continued at regular intervals and in addition, the Knock Sensors were changed a couple of times (2010/11). The car remained a bit of a beauty queen and, in 2011, was proudly displayed on their trade-stand by vehicle presentation specialists, 'Polished Bliss', as an indication of the results customers might expect to achieve if they signed up for their 'Full Enhancement Detail' programme, an accolade for the Turbo, however, the car's owner at the time was charged £672 for the privilege. On 28/03/2012, at 59,287miles, the Porsche was treated to a 'Full suspension refresh' by 'Centre of Gravity' at a cost of £2.751.With 62, 000 miles currently indicated and a fresh MoT, this superbly presented 993 Turbo will reward any inspection and would be a serious addition to any collection of air-cooled Porsches.

Silverstone Auctions Ltd
The Forge
Harwoods House, Banbury Road
CV35 0AA
United Kingdom
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