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"The iconic Porsche 911/993 was introduced in 1993 as a replacement for the 964 and was built until 1998. Regarded by many as the best generation of 911's ever produced from Stuttgart, this car was the last to use the air cooled flat six engine that had powered 911s for the previous thirty years and thus the end of an era. It was offered in a number of guises and specifications during its production life including two and four wheel drive trains, known as Carrera and Carrera 4 respectively. The 993 was the first generation 911 to have standard six-speed manual transmission and, to this day, the manual examples are seen as more desirable compared to those with the then new tiptronic automatic transmission, given their fabulous driving performance.This Midnight Blue, with unmarked marble leather, example of the coveted 993 Coupé is brought to us having had, what we would consider, all of the major necessary maintenance work carried out within the last two years. Offered in lovely condition throughout, the previous owner has recently spent circa £9,500 to achieve possibly one of the best examples offered to the market today. Importantly, the works included, a brake, clutch and gearbox fluid change and full service. In 2018, new front discs and pads, oil filters, cam cover gasket and oil service and in 2017, new front shock absorbers and top mounts.Supplied with air conditioning, sunroof and the desirable, refurbished, 17 alloys, this car had been owned for some 15 years by the previous vendor. Most recently, it has undergone work to remove minor corrosion and a couple of small marks (before and after photos are available within the history file), it has had £2,500 of glass out paint work, to a very high standard, followed by a full geometry set-up in January of this year making it ready for the spring. Accompanying the car are two alarm/immobiliser fobs, four original keys, the original radio and alarm code, a service history supported by 33 service bills and previous MoT test certificates along with a current MoT test certificate valid for seven months with, unsurprisingly, no advisories. This is truly a well maintained and desirable car that, at this price, we would challenge you to find better.A detail of the history of this car which will give any potential owner huge degree of confidence can be found below;No. 5 Garage 5.01 19 : Clutch, brake and gearbox fluid change £930.46No. 5 Garage 30.11.18: Full service, air filter, fuel filter, spark plugs, cabin filters x 2. AC service, anti-roll bar drop links, dust bellows £2.049.32 Tower Garage 26.7.18: Front discs and pads + other parts £1,054 Tower Garage 2.1.18 : Oil filters, cam cover gasket + oil service £963 Tower Garage 10.05.17 : New front shocks and top mounts + fix washer jets £1,729 Tower Garage 14.6.16 : Oil service £175Tower Garage 9.05.16 : MoT £90Tower Garage 1.05.15 : 4 x new tyres, rear discs + pads + MoT £1376.20Tower Garage 19.03.14 : Induction system clean, distributor and rotor arms £309.60 309.6Tower Garage 22.01.14 : Replaced belts (fan, alternator and air-con) £236.40Tower Garage 14.4.12 : Oil service and oil seals £487.46Tower Garage 1.12.11 : HT leads, Rocker cover gaskets, clean out sunroof drains etc £1,320 Tower Garage 5.5.11 : Brake master cylinder + MoT £463.20 No. 5 Garage 24.04.99: 12k service oil filter, fuel filter, air filter and spark plugs £666.48No. 5 Garage 17.04.08: Front shocks and MoT £749.16No. 5 Garage 27.03.07: Oil service £381.62No. 5 Garage 7.08.06: Front discs and pads £649.45No. 5 Garage 27.03.06: MoT fluid checks £123No. 5 Garage 23.08.05: New oil lines £612.66No. 5 Garage 02.08.05: Oil cooler lines / wax oil / oil filters and oil service sunroof service £812.66No. 5 Garage 13.04.05: MoT glove box lights £282.86No. 5 Garage 20.08.04: Full service, temp sensor, all filers and spark plugs £647.82No. 5 Garage 12.07.04: Rear discs and pads, bonnet supports other parts £1147.49No. 5 Garage 01.04.03: Oil service & MoT £153.77No. 5 Garage 10.09.02: New clutch and flywheel, rear main oil seal + service 2304.52No. 5 Garage 12.08.02: New engine wiring harness £1243.56No. 5 Garage 09.04.02: MoT, new rear tyres £563.31No. 5 Garage 18.02.02: Front discs and pads £590.69No. 5 Garage 18.02.02: Full service £1256.7No. 5 Garage 21.12.01: Service No. 5 Garage 24.11.00: LAMBDA sensor, O2 sensor £328.80No. 5 Garage 26.10.00: Windscreen wipers and MoT £157.54No. 5 Garage 14.09.00: Main service £721.64No. 5 Garage 17.08.99: Clutch master cylinder, wing mirror paint, oil service £561.52No. 5 Garage 01.05.99: Main service £707.27HR Owen 11.02.98: Main service AFN London 23.04.97: Service AFN London 18.06.96: Service"

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