1995 Porsche 911 / 993 Carrera



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Registration : French papers

- Only 1014 produced of this model
- A true classic
- Matching numbers

Is it still necessary to present the Porsche 911, which first appeared in 1964? Probably not, but in order to follow the evolution of this iconic car, it is necessary to know the important dates and the symbols which have contributed to the myth. The real career of the sporting 991 began in 1973 when the Stuttgart firm produced for competition purposes its first RennSport model, the 911 Carrera RS. In order to obtain homologation, the rules required that at least 500 road-going cars should be built. The performance and the commercial success of this model were such that the final production figure was more than three times higher than that originally planned. The Carrera RS became such a benchmark that it was unthinkable to drop it from the Porsche catalogue. So the 911 type 964 took over in 1991 and was in turn replaced in 1995 by the 993 type Carrera RS, which would be produced for two years. The 993 Carrera RS continued to use the well-known 3.6 litre flat-6 engine which had been inaugurated by her predecessor. The block was bored out to achieve a capacity of 3746 cc and its output of 300 bhp enabled the car to cover 1000 metres from a standing start in 23.7 seconds and gave it a top speed of 275 KPH. This 993 type 911 Carrera RS, of which only 1014 were produced, has become much sought after by Porsche connoisseurs, who appreciate its versatility, combining modernity and strong sensations.

The Porsche 993 RS in our sale is a Touring version built in 1995. Its Indian red coachwork is complemented by duo-tone grey and black leather upholstery. Despite having covered 260 000 kms, she is in excellent condition. She has air-conditioning, a GT2 steering wheel, a circuit breaker and 4 Speedline wheels. Having been delivered new in Wiesbaden in Germany on April 25th 1996, she was imported into France in 2005. As her service records and file of invoices attest, she has been regularly maintained by Porsche concessionaires or specialists. In 2006, when the odometer read 191 000 kms, the Survirage garage completely overhauled the engine, the work including fitting new pistons and two new cylinder heads. In 2009, at around 240 000 kms, the whole of the braking system was overhauled. Lastly, in 2010, at 251 000 kms, an entire new ignition system was fitted. The car is now very mechanically sound and its road behaviour is well-balanced and correct. Offered with a very attractive estimated hammer price, this 993 RS represents a rare opportunity to acquire a Porsche classic with exceptionally high performance.