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$325,000 - $350,000

  • The 167th of just 1,104 Type 993 911 Carrera RS examples produced
  • Finished in Polar Silver Metallic over black leatherette
  • Retains its numbers-matching engine and transmission
  • Over $20,000 of recent mechanical service; two-year transferable warranty valid within United States and Canada
  • Desirable ‘Touring’ specification; equipped with front airbags, electric windows, air conditioning, manually adjustable sport seats, radio, cabin insulation, headliner, and an upgraded battery

For over 50 years, the Porsche 911 has enjoyed an enviable record as one of the finest sports cars on the planet. It is the benchmark to which all other sports cars compare themselves and are compared to. It remains, to this day, the most revered model in Porsche’s vaunted history. While all 911s are truly brilliant cars, the best of them are born and bred in the crucible of motorsport. Built to homologate the 3.8-liter RSR for competition in BPR GT3 and GT4 racing, the road-going Porsche 911 Carrera RS 3.8 is essentially a racing car built for use on the road.

At its heart is the 3.8-liter normally aspirated Type M64/20 engine producing a factory-rated 296 horsepower at 6,500 rpm along with 262 foot-pounds of torque at 5,400 rpm. The innovative Variocam variable-length intake system from Porsche and newly designed forged pistons of a reduced height (thanks to a relocated wrist pin), help to keep piston weight below that of the standard 3.8-liter engine. This distinctive powerplant also sports dual oil coolers and lightened rocker arms, among a host of additional upgrades that heightened the car’s performance—all befitting its role as a homologation special. Power is managed through a Type G50/31 six-speed manual transmission; the gearing was optimized for acceleration, rather than top speed.

Suspension upgrades implemented on the RS 3.8 included a front strut brace, ball-joint front damper mounts, and adjustable anti-roll bars with five positions for the 24-milimeter front bar and three positions for the 21-milimeter rear piece. Porsche also fitted a limited-slip differential, as well as anti-lock brakes sourced from the 993 Turbo and ADB traction control. Immense 265/35ZR-18R tires in the rear and 225/40ZR-18 tires in the front are mounted on specially made 18-inch “Speedline for Porsche” three-piece, light-alloy wheels with magnesium centers, which are 9 inches wide in the front and 11 inches wide in the back.

Further, the engineers at Stuttgart went to fanatical lengths to make the Carrera RS as light as possible. Its base weight was brought down to a svelte 1,280 kilograms (~2,822 pounds), as Porsche deleted virtually everything that was unnecessary—including central locking, radio speakers, power-adjustable seats, electric windows and mirrors, sound insulation, air bags, the rear defroster, and even the headliner! And Porsche didn’t stop there: the Carrera RS features thinner window glass, an aluminum front boot lid and doors, Recaro seats, and lightweight interior door panels with traditional fabric pulls.

This 1995 Carrera RS 3.8 “Touring” is the 167th of just 1,104 Type 993 examples produced. Presented in the traditional German racing color of Polar Silver Metallic over black leatherette, it was completed on 8 June 1995 at Zuffenhausen and initially designated for the Dutch market. The Japanese paperwork accompanying this chassis indicates that the car’s delivery to Japan occurred shortly thereafter, wherein it was said to have resided in the private collection of its sole caretaker.

Though the base Carrera RS 3.8 was a rather spartan, track-focused affair, this particular example has been nicely specified from the factory with a host of amenable features not found on most chassis, including front airbags, electric windows, air conditioning, manually-adjustable sport seats, radio, cabin insulation, headliner, and an upgraded battery. These “Touring”-specification features provide a wonderful suite of cabin comforts which make the Carrera RS 3.8 truly pleasant to drive on public roads, whether rallying cross-country or riding down into town. This 3.8 has been notably updated with a modern radio unit with USB integration.

Imported to Canada via the Port of Vancouver in September 2019, the consignor states that this chassis is the first 993 Carrera RS 3.8 to reach the United States market after the expiration of its 25-year federal import restriction. As such, it is not, nor is it required to be, federalized for US emissions or crash safety standards. Additionally, the next owner of this well documented Porsche will not be required to adhere to any annual mileage limits, nor NHTSA Show-and-Display certifications.

During its brief stay in Canada, the importing dealer elected to have Porsche of Vancouver complete over $20,000 USD of mechanical servicing—most notably including a thorough engine-out service and reseal. After complete disassembly of the engine casing and inspection of the internal components of its numbers-matching engine, technicians determined that no internal condition issues required addressing. Thusly, this chassis’ 3.8-liter flat-six was resealed and furnished with a full suite of all requisite gaskets, guides, belts, filters, and several hundred additional line items addressed in over 15 pages of invoices contained in the listing’s file for the review of interested bidders.

In short, the documentation compiled therein illustrate a consummate, no-expenses-spared, sorting-out of the chassis—from its ignition and timing systems, to strut mounts, window switches, and tires. Accompanying documentation from Porsche of Vancouver certifies that all work completed is endorsed under warranty by Porsche, transferable and valid within the United States and Canada until March of 2022.

Obtained by the consignor in July of 2020 and subsequently imported to the United States, this alluring Carrera RS 3.8 “Touring” is not to be taken lightly. Exceedingly rare, mechanically sorted, and offered stateside free from any emissions and mileage requirements: this is the pinnacle roadgoing incarnation of the final air-cooled Porsche model, worthy of only the most diehard luftgekühlt aficionado.

Please note that upon further inspection this car has benefitted from paintwork over the course of its life. Please see the paint meter chart on file for paint measurements on the car.

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